Geneva Motor Show from A to Z The Year of the city cars

The Year of the city cars

Of course there are the Geneva Motor Show this year again fast and luxurious models like the S-Class Coupé from Mercedes or the sports car McLaren 650S. However, the focus this time just the little ones in wealthy Switzerland.

The Geneva Motor Show opened also 2014 again the European trade fair year. Numerous premieres, what car buyers can adjust in the coming months. This time a visit especially for micro-car drivers is interesting.


The Ingolstadt-based treat yourself to a small New 2014 break. Also, because the new head of development Ulrich Hackenberg probably still makes a little tweaking to actually already finished models. Found favor but has probably already the third edition of the compact athlete TT, which continues to evolve in the direction of thoroughbred racing car from cuddly - rounded coupe. In addition to the now further sharpened design and the grim look there is art from the Golf VII and an innovative central instrument in which a color screen replaces completely the analog watches. The launch of the coupe is expected in the autumn, the Roadster comes in the spring of 2015.

Until then bridge two other sporting Audis the wait. Unrivalled strongly presents itself in the small car class, the Audi S1. The tuned version of the A1 has a 170 kW/231 hp turbocharged petrol engine, four wheel drive, and rolls in the summer not yet mentioned prices to the dealers. During the same period comes with the S3 Cabriolet the sports version of the open A3, where does the 221 kW/300 hp turbo gasoline engine and also drives all four wheels. Prices start at 48,500 euros.


Revolution in Munich: the 2er Active Tourer BMW puts not only his first Van on, but also the first model with front wheel drive. Because a family car with the supposedly lane distant front axles technique actually does not fit the athletic brand, it has at least made ​​in the design of every effort to become the dynamic image. The same is the turbo gasoline offered at the start to reach 170 kW/231 hp with proud. Inside unfolds the Fronantrieb but its space-saving advantages so that the 2er Active Tourer is also equal to one of the most spacious BMW. The Bavarian competitor to the Mercedes B-Class will start in the fall with prices starting at 30,000 euros.

That BMW is ready to occupy new market niches, also shows the new four-door Gran Coupe 4-- one depending on the perspective of dynamic subscribed and somewhat narrower version of the 3 Series sedan or even a stretched and more spacious version of the two-door coupe 4-. The engine range is using the New from the relatives of the said program, in the entry-level version with 135 kW/184 hp petrol it costs from 35,750 euros. Completing the BMW Performance from the revamped mid-size SUV X3, which gets a slight visual overhaul and a new four-cylinder diesel with 140 kW/190 hp.


ATS with the middle-class coupe will now dare to attack BMW 4s, Audi A5 and Mercedes C-Coupe Cadillac. The technical platform divides the New with the already available in the U.S. ATS sedan. Even the initially offered as the only engine turbo gasoline engine with 204 kW/276 hp comes from the four-door. Alternatively, the four-cylinder drives on the rear wheels only, or both axes. As the Cadillac is priced positioned, is not yet known. The German competitors charge more than 40.000 euros for a model with comparable engine. In addition, the GM subsidiary in Geneva shows the new generation of oversized Escalade SUV and the Opel Ampera offshoot Cadillac ELR.


The legendary duck could have sentimental successor found: With the compact SUV C4 Citroen Cactus at least now moves back into the ruts of the cult small car. Simple but ingenious technique, a memorable appearance and probably low prices could make the Cactus into a bestseller. Unique are about the body - guard-rail from air-filled plastic that will avoid costly repairs in parking accidents. Prices are not yet known.

This also applies to the micro-car C1, which is being launched together with its technically identical siblings model Peugeot 108 and Toyota Aygo in the course of the year. Unlike its predecessor, the, mainly focused on inexpensive basic mobility, the new edition on request can now be upgraded with numerous design accessories to lifestyle model. Also new is a convertible version with a large roll roofing. The base model will be probably still continue to be located below the 10,000 - euro mark.


For more than two decades, Ferrari has no model turbocharged longer available. With the introduction of the revamped entry level California that will change again. As the now reveals the model name trailing "T ", the 3.9-liter gasoline engine will be inflated by 412 kW/560 hp turbo on. This is 70 bhp more than the previously used 4.3-liter naturally aspirated engine. Visually, the new model differs only in details from its predecessor. The headlights are not oval, but based on the slim-fitting lights of the F 458 on the hood, there is instead an air opening two now and the rear end is now maintained consistently in body color. The price of calls is not the manufacturer.


The Italians save their most important novelty for the summer and dispense in Geneva on the presentation of the micro - SUV Fiat 500X. There are to compensate the microcar Panda and the great Van Freemont to see in the new " Cross " version - which offers at least attachments in off-road style. In addition, Abarth before a race track optimized version of the Fiat 500, which will surpass the known tuning variations in performance again.


Key innovation is the comprehensively revamped Ford Focus. Fresh design and new technology to bring the last best-selling car in the world in Germany closer to the best-selling VW Golf. In addition, the Cologne show two new models, but these are only in 2015 come on the market. For one, this is the first time officially offered in Europe Mustang, on the other hand, the large SUV Edge. Both vehicles have been presented to U.S. trade shows.


The great sporting tradition of Honda was found in the product range of the Japanese last hardly back. 2015 comes with the Civic Type R but momentum into the portfolio. How that will look is shown in Geneva is already a very near-production compact power package. The large rear wing points to the engine power of 300 hp, which could make the top Civic the most powerful front-wheel drive car on the market.


The Koreans want to put in a strong future for the fuel cell. As an appropriate car might look now, the study shows Intrado. Technical details are not mention the Koreans.


Bone hard off-road enthusiasts and friends of American giant SUV: the Jeep target customers in Europe is clear. With two new models, the Fiat subsidiary wants to change that. In the compact SUV class of the Cherokee to poach future with bold design in the area of lifestyle models such as the Range Rover Evoque. Instead of angular shapes sets jeeps New decidedly on dynamics. The otherwise steeply inclined folds in the upper grille area from light and merges with a sporty rising bonnet. Flanked which is extremely narrow headlights with aggressive expression. Although there will be the Cherokee probably at a later date with pure front-wheel drive, it should at least be designed optionally clearly off-road thanks to all-wheel-consuming technique than the designed primarily for asphalt competitors.

Two classes below the Cherokee future there will be a new entry-level model. The only previously known under the working title " Jeepster " SUV should be primarily directed to an urban audience, at least the top version will also get the usual from the brand, powerful four-wheel drive.


After ten years of construction and about 14,000 units produced Lamborghini has sent the Gallardo to the old part. As at least equivalent replacement of the Huracan shows in Geneva - also with mid-engine, all-wheel drive and ten cylinders. The latter is good for 449 kW/610 hp and catapults the flat wedge in 3.2 seconds from zero to 100 Prices are not yet known, but are likely to start at around 180,000 euros.


Lexus wants to drop the portly Image final and shows in Switzerland, his first serious sports car beyond the small-series cars LFA as a European premiere. This mid-size coupe RC F is powered by a 331 kW/450 hp V8 Saugbenziner and is primarily compete against the BMW M4.


For all sports car enthusiasts who do not get the rapidly sold-out McLaren P1 more, the British now offer replacement. In Geneva, they provide the 650S before as a convertible and coupe, which situates itself between P1 and the entry-level model 12C. Its V8 to 478 kW/650 hp comes Turbobeziner and should be good in about three seconds for a zero - to-100 - sprint. Prices are not yet known, but they are likely to be around 250,000 euros.


According to SEC and CL Mercedes is in the naming of his most luxurious two-door Now the obvious way: In the new generation, the big coupe bears no letter code on the trunk lid, but called after his next of kin "S-Class Coupe ." As usual, enters the two-door model typical for this class of powerful and prestigious. But this time he deals with his decidedly sporty lines of the sedan more than it did in its predecessor. This is evident not only in the strongly modeled faces and the power dome on the hood, but also to the drahtigeren proportions. For, contrary to the trend in the model changes, the new edition has shrunk by almost seven centimeters to 5.03 meters. A technical highlight is a suspension with curve tilt function, which is to increase the driving comfort. Springs and dampers same case of body roll when driving around the corner and tilt the vehicle opposite to the direction given by the centrifugal force. First, only the V8 gasoline engine available for the drive. The well-known from the S-Class sedan biturbo engine with 4.7 liter cubic capacity 335 kW/455 hp and a maximum torque of 700 sends Nm direction rear axle. Prices are likely to start in the range of 120,000 euros.

Less glamorous occurs the second Mercedes-premiere: the new edition of the V class. These vans and minibuses are over their predecessors clearly superior occur and now also have numerous assistance systems from the car rack. Besides this, each V from row two four individual seats, but the customer can also order two three benches or many other configurations - as well as a sliding door on the left. A giant panoramic sunroof comes later.


After its world premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Nissan GT-R Nismo are in Switzerland its European debut. In September, the sports car then comes for 149,990 Euros in Germany in the trade. The Spirit of the Motorsport division Nismo is clearly felt in the stricter version. Above all, thanks to larger loaders that would otherwise be used for GT3 racing versions, is the 3.8-liter V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine 441 kW/600 hp to, an increase of 50 hp compared to the civilian GT-R. A fact-tuned chassis, the body stiffened and improved aerodynamics complete the upgrade.

Will still not be seen in Geneva, the new compact model, the Nissan wants to compete directly against the VW Golf. The designated successor to the Almera shows up only in the course of the year.


With the microcar Adam Opel has discovered the lifestyle vehicle for themselves. With the crossover convertible variant Adam Rocks the Rüsselsheim go one step further: Body paneling in off-road style make the city car at least visually to the mini - SUV, a large roller blind on the roof provides open-air feeling. At the same holds in the Rocks of the future which is also available for the standard model new one-liter turbo gasoline feed. He should only consume little more than four liters of fuel at up to 85 kW/115 hp.

Significantly more, the Astra OPC Extreme should approve. The racetrack-optimized version of the compact model is officially still a study, but should in future be built in small series. Technical details are not yet available, but an engine output of 300 hp should be possible.


Peugeot continues the renewal of its model range. After the compact 308 and the 208 small car now comes - even one size smaller - the 108th The city car is the successor to the 107, but is now much more on lifestyle than the comparatively sober predecessor. For the first time there is not only a three - or five-door sedan, but also a kind convertible with cloth convertible top, as we know it from the Fiat 500 C. Also new are the wide range of customization options. Could the predecessor more or less only the paint color will be chosen, now also different body Beklebungen, different colored mirror caps are available. Also in the interior design, the customer has more choices. On the market is the 108 together with its technically identical siblings Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo in the summer. The price list is likely to start as with the predecessors at € 10,000.

Second newcomer among the French is the compact combined 308 SW, which sets as the sedan on elegant design and almost German quality appearance. One new proposal with the SW also a particularly low-emissions 1.6 - liter diesel with 88 kW/120 hp, which is supposed to consume only 3.2 liters per 100 kilometers and will in future also drive other Peugeot models. Prices are not yet known.


Porsche returns to Geneva with new 911 Targa, which celebrates its European premiere in Geneva, back to tradition. The convertible is based on visual and functional original model of 1965. The new edition continues with its broad, shiny metallic roll bar and the revolving rear window optically clear again from the other variants of the sports car from. In addition, the inmates are now sitting on request actually in the open air, because the roof center section above the front seats can be removed completely. In the better-equipped with a sunroof predecessor remained in the open state, the roof pillars stand. The base of the Targa form the four-wheel models Carrera 4 and Carrera 4 S, of which the open-air offshoot next to the drive technology also takes over the wide rear with the continuous light strip. The engines are the same: In the weaker version Targa 4 is a 3.4-liter boxer engine with 257 kW/350 hp, a 3.8-liter flat-six works in the Targa 4 S with 294 kW/400 hp. The market launch will be in early May with prices starting at EUR 109 338 for the Targa 4

Also first time in Europe is seeing the mid-size SUV Macan. The sporty, tailored offshoot of the Audi Q5 comes shortly after the trade fair closes with prices starting at € 57 930 on the market. In the initial model does at this price either a 190 kW/258 hp diesel or a petrol engine with 250 kW/340 hp service.


After the slip up with the rather staid second generation Renault Twingo is now in Geneva with a friendly face and cuddly proportions again fully on cuteness. Technically, however, he goes completely new ways. Because the city car was jointly developed with the equally new Smart Forfour, he not only has a rear-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive, but also standard on five doors. Technical details are not called the manufacturer. For the drive should like the model brother of three-cylinder petrol engine Smart with up to 80 hp are used, the press consumption under the four-liter mark.


Skoda Octavia Combi puts the back on in a " Scout " version with all-wheel drive and off-road look. The external characteristics are as the previous protective body - skins, increased ground clearance and an indicated underride protection at the front and rear. For the optics adequate traction is to provide an automatically zuschaltender wheel drive. When you drive there are two diesel engines with 110 kW/150 hp and 135 kW/184 hp and 132 kW/180 hp petrol engine to choose from.

In addition, give the Czechs with the study Vision C an outlook on the new generation of its flagship Superb. The 2015 will but probably not as classic sedan and - as specified on the concept car - drive up as a four-door coupe.


With the Suzuki Celerio increased in the fall on his micro-car program to a third model in addition to the Alto and the van-like Splash. In terms of size, the new between the two known city cars to settle, the consumption he is both undercut significantly. In terms of value for a nearly four-digit amount is still to be expected.

Toyota Aygo

As Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1 is also the identical Toyota Aygo now in a new round. As the two French is also the Japanese adult and chic details keeps the manufacturer but still secret.


The fact that the VW Golf GTE despite plug-in hybrid drive system not only comes to economy, already shows the technology based on the Sport models GTI and GTD abbreviation. With a system output of 200 hp more than the Compact should not be much longer for the sprint to 100 kph need as the two conventional models. Thanks to the support of the standard electric consumption is nevertheless well below two liters per 100 kilometers.

In addition to the new high-tech drive for his bestselling VW shows on Lac Leman gelliftete two models. The small car Polo disengaged by a gentle workup now even closer to the golf approach and in addition receives the known from the micro-car up one-liter, three-cylinder engine with 44 kW/60 hp. When compact coupe Scirocco there are also minor design changes and new engines - but there they are from the VW Golf.


When Chinese manufacturers Qoros shows the hatchback version of the compact model Qoros3. Actually, quite the chic car should sit in the coming year, especially the Korean and Japanese brands in Europe under pressure, now the launch but was apparently postponed to unknown time. The exhibit initially remain so a pattern of no value.

The 84th Geneva Motor Show which opens on 6 March the doors to the public and will run until 16 March. Week Daily, the halls are open 10 to 20 clock, weekends 9-19 clock. A day ticket costs 16 CHF ( about 13 euros ) for Children 9 CHF (about 7.40 euros ). After 16 clock there is a 50 percent discount.