Audi A5

Within a short time succeeded in Ingolstadt engineers to establish the presented in February 2007 as a four-seater cars Audi A5 Premium Coupe, Convertible or A5 Sportback in its class. After three years of success in 2011, the Audi A5 presents with slight retouches, new light units and optimized engines at the IAA. The classic Gran Turismo concept of the Audi A5 is one of the strongest competitors of the incumbent BMW Z4 from Munich or the Peugeot 407 Coupe from France. Because the A5, which was modeled in many elements of the legendary Audi Nuvolari study, is now not only in terms of design as a great success. Also thanks to the new weight distribution increased driving dynamics, and especially the excellent workmanship of the Audi A5 cars need the comparison with the national and international competition does not shy away from. The range of available as front-wheel drive or quattro version A5 ranges from 170 to 450 hp in the Audi S5. The Audi A5 is to have seven engine versions : the six petrol and four diesel supply with innovative valve lift from her extremely torque over a wide speed range. The only four-cylinder in this quartet is the Audi A5 1.8 TFSI with 170 hp, which makes do with 7.1 liters of fuel per 100 km. Standard transmits a sports-tuned six-speed manual gearbox, the engine power to the drive wheels of the coupe. Alternatively, there is also the continuously variable multitronic automatic transmission available that simulates eight gears in manual mode and has a sport mode. 17-inch alloy wheels are also standard equipment in the Audi A5 as the climate control, the MMI information and operating system and an audio system with CD player. The Audi A5 is available as a coupe, Audi A5 Sportback and convertible.