Renault Twingo

The small car Renault Twingo was launched in 1993 as a new car on the market to offer against VW Fox (since 2011 VW up!) Daihatsu Fiat Punto and a competitor, and is still considered a very popular car city car. The French manufacturer Renault in accordance with recognized this and builds the Renault Twingo since 2007 in the second generation. In the first generation Renault Twingo with various 1.2 - and 1.3-liter engines (54HP - 75HP) was available. New Renault Twingo sporty, dynamic and, above all, safer. Visually, it is very different from sympathetic smiling Ur Twingo. Three 1.2 - liter gasoline engine with 58 hp each, 76 hp and 100 hp, a 1.6 16V engine with 102 hp in the Twingo Gordini and a 1.5 - liter dCi diesel engine with 64 hp are the new cars to choose from. In addition there are five different trim levels : the base model Authentique, Expression, Dynamique, initial, and the sporty small car GT and the Renault Twingo Gordini as a top model. The speedometer with digital display is the Renault Twingo in the center console instead of a back seat, you can get optional individual seats. This allows the trunk volume increase to almost 1000 liters. Based on the Twingo Renault Wind Convertible is offered since 2010 as a new car, thus expanding the portfolio of small cars. To the Geneva Motor Show 2012, the Renault Twingo cars presented with a first facelift : Rounder lights, a redesigned front and an improved interior now feature on the Renault Twingo cars. Furthermore, are now already in the basic version expression power windows, power steering and central locking system on board. ESP still costs 300 euros extra and is only in the Renault Twingo Gordini flagship model in the series features the mini-car.