About us

The company "Better Parts LTD" was founded at 2008. Initially, the project was intended as off-line auto parts store. But in the course of work, we have expanded and become difficult to cope with the flow of customers in the off-line mode. And we began to develop its online store. We started our first website at 2012.

From the first day our goal is convenience for buyers: we try to offer our clients a wide range of automotive spare parts and accessories, and the development of Internet technology has made it possible to simplify and speed up the buying process. We are using experience, accumulated over the years of work, statistics and analysis of the market of auto parts, modern information technology and proprietary software development.

New areas of our business requires a new force, but we are still working hard on hiring. Whether it's a simple technician or online consultant - the target number one for them is convenience to our users and ease of purchase.

Why choose our store:

  • There is a huge range of different parts on one resource.
  • You do not need a separate search for suitable parts for your vehicle, and then look for the item itself. On the "betterparts.org" you only need to find a model or modification of the car and there you can find a detailed list of available spare parts for it, all of which them you can buy in our online store.
  • We can find a repair and tuning, even for models discontinued.
  • The most courteous staff. Here you can always ask for advice on the model of spare parts or optimal mode of delivery.

Our staff

  • Joe Fabrini
  • Cassie Hartley
  • Lana Carlsen
Product developers:
  • Joe Fabrini
  • Paul Fabrini
  • Harry McNamara
Our first sellers:
  • Cassie Hartley
  • Lana Carlsen
  • Irish McGurn
  • George Rondolos