Honda CR-Z Type R

Type R is the brand name for sports cars of Honda and accurately with this symbol of Honda CR-Z Type R was released in 2011 on sports-minded car buyers. Even the "normal" CR-Z is not stingy with stimuli, however, is the Honda CR-Z Type R the whole thing again the crown : the Honda CR-Z Type R is a petrol engine with four cylinders, thanks to the V-TEC (variable camshaft adjustment) comes on a performance of 150 hp. In a hybrid vehicle would be complete without the electric motor, the Honda CR-Z Type R, the engine delivers 50 hp and is so much stronger than the hybrid vehicles at Toyota Prius and Honda Insight. Small changes were the Honda CR-Z Type R to the "simple " CR-Z part : The effect Lienen leadership of the hybrid sports car leans even closer to the presented at the Paris Motor Show 2007 study and as more potent. With the performance of the 200 hp sports car accelerates in 5.9 seconds from zero to 100 and to a top speed of 238 km / h. Moderate is the fuel consumption of Honda CR-Z Type R, which starts to an average of 5.4 liters of premium petrol per 100 kilometers.