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Since 1972, the Honda Civic is produced in the compact class from 1974 and found its way into the German Honda car dealerships. Currently, the Honda Civic is in 2011 in the 9th Produced model generation. In addition to the vehicle, is primarily a used Honda Civic represents a popular used car is to buy from the different generations quite inexpensive. A used Honda Civic boasts a high reliability, which is up to the 3rd Model generation extends. For the selection of a Honda Civic car is on hand a wide range of different engines, which up to the used Honda Civic Type R with 185 HP extends from the entry level model with 90 hp, which is the sportiest model in the range. With the IAA 2011 featured ninth generation of the Honda Civic car which is offered as a coupe and sedan version will now be vorgegangene with a large increase in driving comfort against potential competitors for Opel Astra, Ford Focus and VW Golf. The new Honda Civic is offered with fuel-efficient gasoline engines, a natural gas CNG variant and a hybrid version of the Honda CR-Z comes from and is driven by gasoline engine and electric motor.

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Review by senior Carl

Good day! Have some free time to leave a review about Honda civic 4d. I will begin with how I choose my car-friend. Read many forums, clambered a bunch of sites in search of the car, and gradually set priorities. The first choise was Opel astra. Visiting salon, testing the machine for a test drive, I came to the conclusion that none of my ... I will not offend the owners opel, so IMHO. Further appealed to the Ford ... this stage, I do miss it. Already stopped his sights on Toyota (Japan .. still quality) I , then, quite accidentally found out that my friend sells Honda civic. So I decided, let me try that for hardware that is. I had not paid much attention to this car, so the first thing that caught my eye ... it's ergonomics. IMHO designers thought through every detail. Aggressive appearance, especially muzzle already promised much. Electronic speedometer on the steering wheel hit me at all. Comfortable niches and large torpedo went off. Assessing the promising exterior and interior design, I began to test cars. Sweeps as bewitched! Turns keeps excellent! Brakes on the cons ..... stay later. Overall listen and trust you completely. Build - Japan. Took! I go for three years and their expiration can highlight the main minuses:
1 - LPC disgusting ... had tint hood and a half years after boutht
2 - noise
3 - stiff suspension, although I dare say that the strong autumn!
4 - quality plastic .. gives crickets, but in winter it is clear, yet cold, and in summer only very bad road
5 - the brakes, but when heated become cotton. And yes ...
6 - clearance ... small, but fear what will cling everywhere absolutely not worth it. Basically, problems arise in the winter. That's all. More noticed nothing negative. So ladies and gentlemen who read this review to confirm their intentions in purchasing Honda civic 4d- not thinking! Take! Great car driven by 're high .

2014-01-20 18:11:56
Review by Mark Cricly

Thank you for the opportunity to express about HONDA CIVIC 5D Sport. I'm owner of a beautiful car. Before buying auto and passed all passed the test drive. And my inner feelings (and they have never cheated) I pulled into my life gorgeous "spaceship" car. The color is very cheerful - tangerine metallic. Running for more than 60 thousand miles. Gorgeous speaker Insanely beautiful, constantly catching glances of passers on your car. Lucky color for this model. Do not have to search long for his beauty in the parking lot - can be seen from afar. I honestly did not expect to declare excellent efficiency. I took this car before the crisis, so that saved a lot of gasoline. Average fuel consumption in moderate driving around town a little more than 5 liters for the trip computer. Inside the cabin as a spaceship all nice and very conveniently located. Rear seat I liked - Transform. Very well laid out for such a machine, you can download a lot of things On the technical characteristics can tell - all is well. Pass service and MOT. Maybe someone will say that all may not be well . If you love and harmony of man, take care of your car it loves you. This is the principle of reciprocity. Love you - and it will love you.:)

2014-02-07 12:05:02
Review by Burry, owner Honda Civic 1.8 AT 2009's

My first impression was good. Dynamics, modern salon satisfy in full, but unfortunately this experience about the car does not stop .
I will not talk about the reliability of this car because any modern car not Chinese is reliable. I will write about the real problem is the paint. I have Honda Civic 4d 2009's. Now car's about 4 years old. I bought it new, I'm the only owner, caring attitude and regularly traveled thus. Eventually the car body "blossomed" in particular the roof covered in beetles and all around the windshield eerie sight as if the car for ten years. Talked with the masters of Bodywork Interior Honda. So they told me all that come to them new cars and they panted exactly the same problem that I tell them. That yiu have a risk to buy a new car repainted! That's the company's policy is obtained. Given the cost of Honda cars that leaves it expensive and not a good car, I am very disappointed. To tell the truth like this year seats on CR-V but now this brand for me there .

2014-02-16 12:37:02

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