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Since 1972, the Honda Civic is produced in the compact class from 1974 and found its way into the German Honda car dealerships. Currently, the Honda Civic is in 2011 in the 9th Produced model generation. In addition to the vehicle, is primarily a used Honda Civic represents a popular used car is to buy from the different generations quite inexpensive. A used Honda Civic boasts a high reliability, which is up to the 3rd Model generation extends. For the selection of a Honda Civic car is on hand a wide range of different engines, which up to the used Honda Civic Type R with 185 HP extends from the entry level model with 90 hp, which is the sportiest model in the range. With the IAA 2011 featured ninth generation of the Honda Civic car which is offered as a coupe and sedan version will now be vorgegangene with a large increase in driving comfort against potential competitors for Opel Astra, Ford Focus and VW Golf. The new Honda Civic is offered with fuel-efficient gasoline engines, a natural gas CNG variant and a hybrid version of the Honda CR-Z comes from and is driven by gasoline engine and electric motor.

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