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Video: Opel driver blows up engine and takes care of local fog banks on the Nürburgring

The weather remains unpredictable on the Nordschleife

It is not James Bond who, for budget reasons, has exchanged Aston for an Opel, but just an Astra that…


Audi: "Electric cars are the only way to achieve objectives"

For the time being, Audi is fully committed to EVs

It may be clear that not everyone agrees with the measures to reduce CO2 emissions. And what if these people are in charge in Europe or America? Have…


Why many "cheap" cars suddenly become a few thousand euros more expensive

Really cheap no longer existed, but now they are even more expensive

If we exaggerate a bit, we would call it the death sentence of the cheap car - as far as they still existed. Many smaller cars have…


You can now buy wheels from the Gymkhana videos from Ken Block for charity

And a lot of other things from the famous videos

Even the best script writer in Hollywood could not have come up with this. A businessman and marketer accidentally transform into a drift hero whose world…


Lancia wants to go back in rally sport, but under one condition

The return of the Stratos? Or would you prefer an Ypsilon HF?

Lancia is completely back. Not only is the new Ypsilon available outside its own national borders, HF logo…


Bargain? You can now buy a full parking garage in Amsterdam, if you dare

It's not for nothing that they call the garage the 'Buitenorplein'

It sounds like a good idea: starting an underground parking garage in the most expensive parking city


You can now ride the 24 hours of the Nürburgring in Assetto Corsa Competizione

Roast your weekend free

Ask your grandfather if you can borrow some of its incontinence diapers, take a load of energy drink and schedule a weekend off, because you can now ride the 24 hours of the Nürburgring…


Why the new Mercedes Actros (with diesel engine) looks so different

You will spot this on the highways in a while

If a new truck is unveiled, we usually skip it, but for a truck that has a horseshoe nor like Hulk Hogan, we are happy to make an exception.…


Video: See how a motorcycle agent shows countless links on the A9

Finally a little justice

The large handbook of frustrated motorists contains a few tactics that you can apply if you see someone unnecessarily driving left. For example, you can overtake and clear a…


Video: enjoy 15 minutes of the clumsiness of Dutch road users

Among other things of this Nissan Crashqai

Tasty, just fifteen minutes of quietly judging about what other people listen in the car. Oh, and see the clumsy handling of other Dutch people.…