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Red Bull drivers also dissatisfied with the car during the third free practice session in Singapore

Verstappen is not happy with the Red Bull's gearbox

"We are a lot worse than we expected," Max Verstappen said yesterday after the second free practice in Singapore. After a third place in FP1, Verstappen…


Disgruntled Swedish man attacks police cars with a shovel

Got out of bed on the wrong side, Sven?

In 2015, an American psychologist came to the conclusion that shopping with your partner at Ikea could mean the end of your relationship. Perhaps that is why…


500,000 euros worth of Teslas deliberately burned down because the brand is 'the enemy'

Climate activists also don't think EVs are that clean at all

"Haha, another bunch of fairground cars pressing the self-destruct button," we hear the EV haters think. This time it's different. The fire…


Will car-free Sunday return to the Netherlands?

It should be good for togetherness

Make no mistake: a car-free Sunday is held almost every week in several Dutch villages. Sometimes the car-free Sunday is on Tuesday or Thursday. And that without…


Even car buyers are now trying to swindle things with a cunning trick

Shady car buyers, they exist too

You hear enough about car salesmen trying to fake things, but it also happens the other way around. The Belgian Nieuwsblad


You may soon be able to buy an extra axle from Ford to make a 6×6 yourself

The extra axle could then have an electric motor to turn your Ford into a PHEV

When you think of a pick-up with six wheels, you quickly think of the G-class, but Ford's showpiece is also available…


This is everything you need to know about the new Volkswagen Tiguan

The best-selling Volkswagen of recent times has been completely renewed

It is not the Golf or the Volkswagen Polo that is nowadays the most sought-after model from Wolfsburg. The Tiguan is…


Verstappen thinks it is 'completely fine' that his winning streak is over

Verstappen lost for the first time since April 30

We don't have the idea that Verstappen checks Wikipedia every day to see which record he has broken next. That is why it is not surprising that Verstappen…


Nice news: 'The next Mazda 2 will have a Wankel engine'

This would also be a range extender

We are still recovering from the party we had after Mazda showed the new Wankel engine. Okay, it may work in service of an electric motor and it will be installed…


Shady G-class seller accidentally wins his own auction (and it costs him dearly)

He tried to jack up the price and succeeded a little too well

Claiming that the car has always belonged to an elderly person whose genes have been passed on for two generations is not always enough…