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Ford related news

The FCA plans to 2022

Balocco, 1. June 2018 First of all, the Alfa-bomb exploded today in Balocco. The 700-HP mid-engine super sports car 8C, a 600-HP-BMW-M4-opponent, the name GTV, electrified two new SUVs, all part of the...

The costs of the new Mustang Bullitt

Cologne, 30. May 2018 Suitable for the 50-year anniversary of the cult movie Bullitt Ford Bullitt, the new edition of the Mustang. For the first time, European customers can rejoice, because unlike the...

Forgotten Studies: Lancia Fulvia

Hair, 22. May 2018 What would have happened if? This question often arises. Also in the automotive area, there are vehicles that would have influenced the fate of so many brand. About the Lancia Fulvia...

You know the Gaylord?

Friedrichshafen, 18. May 2018 You know the Gaylord Gladiator? If not: does nothing. Only intellignet automotive historians are likely to know of the existence of this vehicle. It was built once in Friedrichshafen...

Every third Audi will in the future drive, electric,

Ingolstadt, 9. May 2018 Yesterday, Audi dropped a (supposed) diesel cheating, today, a message comes to the electrical plans from Ingolstadt. Audi aims to compensate for a negative message with a positive...

Mega-Mustang a Retro Look

Los Angeles (USA), 7. May 2018 We think we all agree that the Ford Mustang is a classic, especially the first Generation, which came out in 1964 on the market. It is the benchmark for Pony cars, and definitely...

The next Kuga caught

München, 2. May 2018 Nearly 38,000 Kuga has sold Ford last year in Germany. Place in the internal ranking behind the Focus and the Fiesta. Even though the Kuga has already five years old. And although...

New Ford Mustang GT500 as Erlkönig

Hair, 17. April 2018 The current Ford Mustang there are in this country with a 2.4-Liter gasoline turbo engine (290 HP) and as the Mustang GT with the 450-HP 5.0-Liter V8. In the United States with the...

Chevrolet Camaro: Facelift

Detroit (USA), 10. April 2018 A powerful Trio: For decades, the Chevrolet Camaro, the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger are Cars very large numbers in the US Muscle. After recently Ford has groomed...

Ford Focus: All new edition

Cologne/London, 10. April 2018 20 years ago Ford brought the Focus as the successor to the Escort on the market. Since then, over 16 million vehicles were produced. A real best seller, so, the current...