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In 1974, the Volkswagen VW Golf, a car on the market, which from the beginning was sold like hot cakes because of its practicality and good performance today and after the compact-car class - named - Golf class. Since the first series of the model several variants were offered as the pick-up golf cart, the sporty GTI or VW Golf Cabriolet, which was built almost unchanged until 1993. In 1983, the Volkswagen Golf II, which was the first time equipped with ABS. 1991, he was replaced by the Golf III. The third series saw the changes to the previous model at the most. Top model was the VW Golf VR6 with an output of 190 hp. 1997 followed by the VW Golf IV, which came up as a diesel version with a newly developed TDI engine. The sequel to 2003 witnessed its market debut. Here are the potential buyers of a VW Golf V petrol and diesel, with optional automatic or manual transmission, to choose from. The top model of the 5th generation of the 250-hp R32, which has a permanent four-wheel drive (4Motion). In 2008, the Volkswagen Golf VI succeeded as 6th edition of this bestseller. Beginning of 2009, then followed the long-awaited GTI version. The new GTI now has 210 turbo hp and accelerates in 7.2 seconds to 100 The fuel consumption is 7.5 liters per 100 km in the green range for this sports car. Strongest representatives of the bestseller in the 6th generation of the VW Golf R20 is the 2009 model sporty finishing touch. The acting with a 2.0-liter FSI turbo engine sports car in the compact class makes 270 hp and corresponding performance. The all-wheel drive (4Motion) from the previous model R 32 was the weight saving measures, the new R20 victim. For adequate traction of the front-wheel drive, the XDS electronic differential lock ensures. Also, a high roof variant with a distinct design is offered in the Plus 6th generation as the Golf. Mid-November 2012 succeeded the current seventh series as the VW Golf cars for sale. The volume model is based on the "modular transverse matrix" (MQB), which is the basis for SEAT Leon and Skoda Octavia. Currently, four petrol and two diesel engines for the VW Golf VII will be offered, the performance range from 86 hp in the 1.2 TSI BlueMotion Technology and 150 hp in the 2.0 TDI lie. In early summer 2013, the new Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI is then available, the TFSI engine produces 230 hp and the compact car 246 km / h makes fast (with Performance Kit: 250 km / h Volkswagen Golf The Volkswagen Golf is one of the few cars that are classified as "classless". looking for a new car? With this website you can as a year-old car, new car or used car buy online cheap golf.

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VW Golf was purchased as a second car in the family (for my wife) in April 2011 to acquire inside the VW dealer where it was used for several months before that as a demonstration vehicle. When purchasing a decisive role played by the fact that the car was in there, besides the dealer made ​​a discount for mileage (1000 km) and the previous year. During operation our Golf was more than 30,000 km, of which more than half of the roads in Germany, Poland, the Baltic states, even reached Finland (by ferry). During possession Golf has established itself well - problems not created, every morning the plant and drove flawlessly where necessary. Maximum daily running route Ottendorf - Hamburg - Berlin- Gdansk - Kaliningrad (about 1200 km) overcame effortlessly, while my wife and child did not even tired , and the average consumption for the trip was 7 l/100 km. Maximum speed up to which I clocked him on the German Autobahn - 180 km / h, this this speed behaved confidently and predictably, however, might have probably been on the edge. DSG is not allowing you to take on a very strong motor to the maximum. As a result, the car ownership experience loved when sold in December 2012 his wife wept and still remembers it. Sold in connection with the purchase of her new Audi A4.

2014-01-30 12:55:35

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can i look at the interior
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For the decent parts that they offer, pricing is inappropriate...
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Huge Range
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Hi I'm looking for some SAAB 93 sports body trims
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