Smart forfour

The smart forfour is a small car that was produced from 2004 to 2006, to extend the offer as a four-seat sedan, the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary. The smart forfour was offered in three petrol and two diesel variants. Moreover, the customers were the two design and equipment lines smart pulse and smart passion to choose from. All models of the smart forfour, are equipped with the ESP and disc brakes on the front and rear axles have been supportive about ABS. Like the smart city-coupe, the customer had the choice between a plastic roof, a panoramic glass roof and an electric glass sunroof. In the class of small car should make up ground against the smart forfour VW Polo, Ford Fiesta and Toyota Yaris, but the price / - failed power ratio of the smart forfour. As a smart car, however, the small car is a sought-after car. Besides the different variants for the city, such as the smart forfour 1.1 pulse, the smart forfour 1.3 passion or the smart forfour 1.5 passion, we performed in 2005 with the smart forfour BRABUS also a 177-hp, a top variant. The smart forfour data are almost overwhelming for a small car this format: The sprint to 100 km / h takes less than seven seconds, top speed only ends at 221 km / h Only the smart forfour BRABUS when consumption is just under seven liters a little above the present framework. The other models have a significantly lower, for a small car but still increased horse power. Thus making the smart forfour 1.1 75 bhp, the smart forfour 1.3 95 bhp and the smart forfour 1.5 full 109 hp. The two 1.5-liter smart forfour diesel engines impress with 68 hp or 95 hp. In 2011, the smart forfour in the 2nd generation, building on a Nissan Micra, alone in the U.S. auto market as a new car on sale. Whether the 5-door model is also exported to Europe is as yet uncertain.