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Opel: New Plan For The Future

Rüsselsheim, Germany, 30. May 2018 Since the Takeover by the French PSA group, much has been speculated about the future of Opel. Some expert painted visions of Horror to the wall, and introduced the brand...

Mazda engines are clean

Leverkusen, 25. May 2018 You may have noticed it already, that the emission limits were tightened. The new standard bears the name of Euro-6d-Temp and lower nitrogen oxide emissions requires diesel cars...

90 years of the Opel RAK 2

Rüsselsheim, Germany, 24. May 2018 238 km/h: For current car-that is quite fast, but not exceptionally high speed. Very different the world looked 90 years ago. The Mercedes SSK up to 192 km/h top had...

Citroën C5 Aircross: Euro Premiere

Paris (France), 24. May 2018 An old Acquaintance and a real novelty: In April 2017 Citroën at the auto trade fair showed Shanghai of the C5 Aircross, a mid-size SUV from China for China. Now the car comes...

Opel Corsa GSi gets 150 HP

Rüsselsheim, 17. May 2018 The sparrows whistle it from the roofs, now it's officially clear that The new Opel Corsa GSi gets the well-known 1.4-Liter Turbo with 150 HP. A "crisp-in short, translated the...

1.5-litre Diesel now in Opel Grand country X

Rüsselsheim, Germany, 30. April 2018 Opel's Equivalent of the Peugeot 3008, the Grand country X, receives the new PSA Diesel with 1.5 Liter displacement. Thanks to the combination of NOx-storage catalytic...

Opel Grand Country X: New Accessories

Rüsselsheim, 9. April 2018 This is called a complete success: From January to March, 2018, was recorded by Opel 4,387 K new registrations of the Grand country X in Germany. Thus, the Tiguan rival already...

Mazda CX-3 environment-friendly

New York, 29. March 2018 In the case of small, but high cars the risk of normal nature always threatening. So SUVs look Compact, sometimes rather doubtful. A notable exception to this is the Mazda CX-3...

An AMG for the formula 1

Affalterbach, 27. March 2018 Well, have you looked at the weekend for the first formula 1 race of the new season? Then you will certainly have noticed that the Mercedes-AMG GT, which has led the field...

This is the new Opel Corsa GSi

Rüsselsheim, 21. March 2018 In 1988 Opel launched the first Corsa GSi on the market. At the time of the Spartan dwarf with 100 HP was a real pocket-rocket. Suitable for the 30th anniversary, there is now...