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Hair, 29. June 2018 You will be looking forward to the 5. Of July 2018. Since then a new era begins on this platform. From Germany. We come to the unique, global Automotive editors...

This is the new BMW 8er

Munich, 15. June 2018 Now he is finally here. Really. In its full glory. He will look, if you can buy it from November 2018 to the dealer. Felt pictures of 8 studies, 8-commissioning testing of a prototype...

From Mission E Taycan is

Stuttgart, 13. June 2018 The future is getting closer: The first purely electrically powered Porsche starts in the year 2019. Now he has to get his name: The study Mission E as a Porsche Taycan in series...

Alpine A110: price reduced

Cologne, 8. June 2018 Usually, car to know prices only in one direction: upwards. But there are exceptions. So the price dropped in the case of the Alpine A110 in the last few months. The launch began...

Everything for the Facelift of the Toyota Aygo

Köln, 6. June 2018 As of 2014, the second Generation of the Toyota Aygo came on the market, stunned it with his X-optics. This is now modified by a Facelift. In principle, it is apparently replaced the...

The Audi Q8 will start

Ingolstadt, 5. June 2018 Audi Q2, Q3, Q5 and Q7 are already on the market, but the Ingolstädtern some numbers are still missing. BMW has X1 to X6 is significantly more SUVs on the market. Now, however...

This is the new BMW X5

Munich, 6. June 2018 When the X5 was launched in the year 1999, he was the first all-terrain vehicle from BMW. He was already at that time, a SUV and not a off-roader, because he had lacked a self-supporting...

Forgotten Studies: Mercedes F300

Munich, 3. May 2018 With the F300 Life Jet Concept, Mercedes wanted to combine the best of two worlds: The comfort of a car and the agility of a motorcycle. According to the high-tech overloaded studies...

Brabus boss Bodo Buschmann died

Bottrop, 27. April 2018 Prof. h. C. Bodo Buschmann, born on 27. August 1955, the founder and CEO of Brabus, the largest independent automobile tuner in the world and is a renowned manufacturer of High...

Audi bringing the Q5 long version

Ingolstadt/Beijing (China), 25. April 2018 The Chinese customer loves big cars. He loves sprawling space in the rear. And more and more, he also loves SUVs. Say: the long-wheelbase versions of sedans are...