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The Ford Mustang, which was first presented in 1964, is still regarded as one of the most successful sports car in automotive history. The four-seater Ford Mustang was a convertible (convertible), hardtop notchback coupe and hatchback (fastback coupe) available. As an adaptation of the Mustang came in the form of the Ford Capri on the European market and was sweeping back in the U.S., next to the VW Beetle, the most successful import car. The base engine is the Ford Mustang featured a 2.8-liter V6 engine with 102 hp. In the top engine with the 270 hp 289ci eight-cylinder engine, the pony car reached a top speed of over 200 km / h Legend är also the Ford Mustang Shelby (or GT350) is from 1965, which is a popular classic today. Gained cult status of the Ford Mustang, which was sold in the 60s, partly over 400,000 times per year, by various Hollywood performances, such as in the movie Bullitt with Steve McQueen. This has the consequence that Ford is the second time after 2001, a limited edition of 7,700 cars special edition of the Ford Mustang Bullitt will release in 2008. Since the year 2005, the fifth generation of the Ford Mustang with a 213-hp V6 engine or a 304-hp V8 engine is produced. The Ford Mustang GT 2008 will be like the last model, the Mustang V generation. As of 2009, the Ford Mustang is offered with narrower headlights and a panoramic sunroof and features available for the first time in the RTR-C version whopping 550 hp. The re-issue of an American dream then led the Ford Mustang Boss 302. 42 years after the setting of the classic model with a 440-hp 5.0-liter V8 engine has been reissued as a new car and enthusiastic fans of the Ford Mustang. If you want to fulfill your dream of the American way of life, you will find this website American sports cars such as the Ford Mustang used cars at an affordable price.

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Helen 2014-03-17

I live in California and for local roads Ford Mustang is good. Accelerates very fast, economical. Problemmy arise during and after rain. Puddles behaves like a powerboat. Salon several primitive. Designated sitting in the backseat malovato. But its look just super.

naty_wood (Ford Mustang 3.8 МТ 1998) 2014-03-17

Usually I drive to NISSAN MURANO 2010's and that "Mustang" (1998, Manual, 3.8) was purchased in 2011 on the occasion as the execution of an old dream. It should be noted that the design of an amateur, even more on a very large fan. It is such my husband. Firstly, I didn't like the car but later considered and understood: MUSTANG not aging as a rock-and-roll. Mustang was originally white, after some intervention hood, roof and trunk black steel were put wheels and tires 235h45h18 18, made ​​the final routing of exhaust pipes - deuce. Salon have altered completely in black and white leather version, plus new side and windshield, new polik and carpets, new buttons pedals, lever good music and the other car - but still recognizable Mustang unmistakable.
Now about the machine - it's GREAT! From the tears so that the spirit goes to the heel, cool, driving on a flat road, no problem. But turns and bumps, especially at speed - get used to. Speed ​​dials quickly and uverennno and sound of the engine - a MIRACLE! Carefully cornering, gas - skid. In short, a dream machine, there are no words in the general stream and not very expensive auto allocated one hundred percent, not two!
Riding on the Mustang - a continuous drive! Able to leave behind and "BMW" and "Mercedes". Shorter machine not to show off in front of the youngsters banal, and for a complete package of emotions. For a man used to stand out from the crowd. Yet the machine is not for every day (unless you're young and a single). Now I want to MUSTANG 2000-2004 4.8 Automatic.

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