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A small SUV below the Karoq as a design study

Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic), 1. February 2018 With the design study Vision X Skoda is a view of a small SUV. Premiere of the concept car at the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March 2018). From the big...

Citroën C3 Aircross: The Prices

Cologne, 1. August 2017 In this class, the Post goes out: more and more car manufacturers are entering with small SUVs on the market. Main features: Between 4.10 and 4.20 meters long and mostly without...

So an icon becomes a desolate van

Cremona (Italy), April 4, 2017 Duck to the goddess: The French automobile history has produced so many icon. Among them there is also a van as he could be French: type H Citroën. It was built from 1948...

My small colorful cactus

Cologne, June 29, 2016 Yes, this looks very like C4 cactus. But why should you change too big a recipe for success? Citroen C3 new Polo competitor borrows so the narrow daytime slots, the low-mounted headlamps...

Finally departed again?

Cologne, April 8, 2015 Citroën was always strongest when was fought neatly over his creations. The love - or - hate - principle was the French in the last few years, becoming visibly flutes, with wild...

Citroën Berlingo revamped the

Cologne, February 19, 2015 In 1996, Citroën introduced with the Berlingo a Leisure activity vehicle on the market, which was allowed to settle around 2.9 million times in the two previous generations model...

Mercedes shines, flopping vans

Brussels, 3 September 2014 The latest EuroNCAP crash tests according to the standard show that not all new vehicles meet the stringent requirements of the continuously experts. Five cars were now tested...

40 years Goddess 2.0

Cologne, 25 August 2014 In 1969 it was decided: Charming and inexpensive at the same time, so he should be the Citroen DS successor. Then the more economical and less ostentatious CX was presented on...

Citroen CX -R Concept Mini SUV to China

Mini SUV to China In Germany Citroen waived been on a mini - SUV. In China, now is an appropriate model but in the wings. Especially apparent after rolling this Citroen SUV only asian slopes. The near...

Convertibles this summer Topless cheap to expensive

Topless cheap to expensive Around 1,500 hours of sunshine in a year on average in Germany. Enough reasons to zuzulegen a car without a roof. Convertibles in all price categories at a glance. When the...