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A magnificent car for Putin

Moscow (Russia), 23. April 2018 As head of state, dictator, king, Chancellor, or President, one needs have always been the right set of wheels. Representative of the car to be extremely safe and, if possible...

Book by Cadillac launches in Munich

Munich, 18. April 2018 This month, an SUV driving next month, a sports car and next-but-one a sedan? With the subscription system of the Cadillac, which now starts in Munich. Starting in may 2018 Book...

Cadillac's „small“ SUV

New York (USA), 28. March 2018 In case you were wondering: no, Cadillac is not a Whit different than other Premium car manufacturers. What is in demand, SUVs, SUVs, and once again SUVs. In the States...

Everything you need to know about the new VW Touareg

Hamburg, 23. March 2018 The new Touareg next to me is still covered with a large cloth. Many people already know what he looks like, because Volkswagen's advertising at the end of last year, when the official...

Nio ES8: China-E-SUV with removable battery

Beijing, 19. December 2017 Already in April 2017, the Chinese E-car-Startup Nio its new SUV ES8 at the Shanghai Auto Show. Only now, however, the manufacturer comes with the complete package of news, data...

Porsche Passport: The PS-flat rate

Atlanta (USA), 16. October 2017 It is the dream of any video player: The virtual Garage is Packed with cars from Porsche, which are available at any time. Now the dream is actually a reality, although...

Gedopter American sports car

München, 2. October 2017 With its 600-horsepower 4.4-Liter V8, the new BMW M5 is powered very well. A little more powerful, the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S with 612 HP from a 4.0-Liter V8. More of the Cadillac...

Drive: Cadillac CTS-V, The four-door Corvette

The four-door Corvette Cadillac is one of the most glamorous names in the history of the automobile, even if the luxury cars in Europe is always a little rar. In the first quarter of the GM luxury brand...

Cars can now subscribe to

Munich, 18. July 2017 You don't want to be tied down for years at one and the same car, but rent and car sharing are you to in the short term? Then, the new usage model "Book by Cadillac" could be something...

Presentation of the new Mercedes-Benz X-class, Daimler's first Pickup

Daimler's first Pickup The „first Pickup of a premium manufacturer“ wants to be the new model of Mercedes-Benz: it was announced at the world premiere of the new model – near the Cape...