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Hyundai related news

Kona electric: The he costs

Frankfurt/Main, 15. June 2018 This is what we call a pioneer: Hyundai is the first manufacturer in the B-Segment (up to 4.20 meters), a fully electric SUV on the market. It is now known, what is the cost...

Hyundai Tucson with mild hybrid system

Offenbach, 6. June 2018 If the Hyundai Tucson in the summer of 2018 will be Facelift, is also a hybrid version, even if only a mild-hybrid variant. The System is, in principle, the same as the sister model...

Kia Niro EV: electricity Start

Frankfurt/Main, 4. May 2018 Whether it is Mercedes or VW: From the year 2019, the German car manufacturers want to go the electric car. In the meantime, points foreign brands: Hyundai about soon, the Kona...

Facelift for the Hyundai i20

Offenbach, 25. April 2018 The competition is not sleeping: The must know of the now four-year-old Hyundai i20. In its current Form, the Korean small struggling car against the new editions of the VW Polo...

Hyundai Nexo: he costs

Offenbach, 16. April 2018 Electric cars are considered as the new Savior of the automotive industry. Pretty much every major manufacturer wants to bring in the next few years, cars with plugs on the market...

Hyundai Tucson Facelift

New York, 29. March 2018 At the New York International Auto Show (30. March to 9. April 2018) Hyundai presented the Facelift of the Tucson. The Compact SUV is currently the best-selling Hyundai in Germany...

Hyundai Kona Electric

Offenbach, 27. February 2018 Electric cars offered until Recently, ranges of 150 kilometers. For an urban second car was all right, but the all-rounder, these cars were far away. But this is changing now...

Allow Cupra Ateca

Martorell (Spain), 22. February 2018 Mercedes has AMG, BMW has M, Audi has quattro, Hyundai has N, Opel has OPC, Nissan has Nismo, Renault R. S., VW has R and the Fiat Abarth. In the future, also the Seat...

All new Kia Ceed

Munich, 15. February 2018 Finally he is gone. No, not the Kia Ceed, but his apostrophe. That thing in front of the D, which has driven not only journalists in the madness. The third Generation of the compact...

Hyundai's first electric SUV

Offenbach, 7. February 2018 The Hyundai Kona was the first purely electrically powered SUV. So proud of Hyundai announced the electrification of the Kona and forgets, ignores or conceals, the Tesla Model...