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The Scirocco sports coupe, the Volkswagen Group debuted in 1974 on the Auto Salon in Geneva. For seven years, the Volkswagen Scirocco I was built before 1981, the second generation of the coupe - the VW Scirocco II - was launched. All cars in the series were produced by Karmann in Osnabrück. After a first revision of the model 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco got wrap-around plastic bumpers and turn signals in the fenders. Already in 1976, the VW Scirocco GTI was introduced with 110 hp. 1992 was the last generation of the Scirocco this band. The GT models VW Scirocco I, Scirocco II GT, GT2 16V and 16V were Scala (139 PS 1.1 to 1.8 liters with max.) Equipped exclusively with four-cylinder engines. Since 2008 Volkswagen Scirocco leaves the myth back to life. The Volkswagen Scirocco sport coupe is the latest generation of the successful design of a sports car engines and effectively worked with a lot of power in a successful Coupe VW model ranges. The three petrol engines make 122, 160 and 200 hp (up to 2009) to the test and the sporty diesel engine with TDI technology produces 140 hp. Since the 2010 model year and the VW Golf GTI engine with 210 hp for the Scirocco is available which replaces the aggregate 200 hp and consumes 9% less gasoline. Whether it's from the Volkswagen Scirocco 3 Generation will be a convertible, is not yet known. You are looking for a bargain Scirocco ? In this website you will find a huge selection of used cars at an affordable price.

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Review by Gorrage

Volkswagen Scirocco it's just something that I missed. I drove BMW 523 business but it is for imposing drive. Scirocco drive it in a clean version (it is interesting that the engine on the stand gave 224 against 211 horses on the passport (pleasantly pleased, though...) Could be accelerated in the manual mode with the heated rubber for 6.4 seconds. Flow but in a very vigorous modes is approximately 21 liters per hundred (tumble until thawed) Steering listen marvelous as glued to the road. And if you decorate car with vinyl, VW Scirocco will becomes more rapid and beautiful.

2014-02-28 17:44:52
Review by paule o.

Impressions??? I have no words to convey how admiration for this car! It embodies all! Design, power, pressure, rage. It won't time gather dust in the right track. And it's ahead of our time. Compare Scirocco with BMW or Jaguar - impossible! Mercedes is a prank. In this car you decide how and what and it responds to you. It leads you. Leads to a world of freedom. The world drive. You catch the views. Sometimes envious but how damn nice. To itsmust be treated as a living and he will answer the same.

2014-02-28 17:49:46
Review by optimus pr.

This unit was purchased in 1997 is not the best condition (killed clutch, gearbox and rear suspension) from the owner that he simply mocked VW Scirocco. Car was GTX series with engine 112 hp 1.8 Dynamics just a plane. Just kept very cool way. I remember with nostalgia very decent car.

2014-03-03 11:58:27

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Jason Smith 2014-01-16 22:48:43
love these cars i want one so much

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Anonym 2017-11-22 15:24:07
For the decent parts that they offer, pricing is inappropriate...
Anonym 2017-11-22 15:15:16
Huge Range
Anonym 2017-11-18 23:41:43
Hi I'm looking for some SAAB 93 sports body trims
Anonym 2017-11-10 10:41:48
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Szia. Érdekel az auto

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