Opel Adam

The Opel Adam is a small car that is sold as a new car since early 2013. With the name of the founding father, Adam Opel Adam Opel to be worshiped. In addition to the Adam Opel cars as appropriate response to Toyota iQ, VW up! and Ford Ka apply and inspire especially young beetle car for the new or used mini cars. As a basis for the Adam Opel, the car maker from Rüsselsheim take the Corsa chassis and plant an independent body on the small car, which will initially be offered only as a three-door. With hot colors, both inside and outside, to the Adam Opel cars score points with the target group. Also keeps the car ready iPod / iPhone integration that links the small car with phone and internet. Vehicle length to 3.70 meters offers the Opel Adam space for five people, and things get rather cramped in the rear. Motor side, a new or used car is Adam Opel equipped with various petrol and diesel engines, which range from 50 to 90 hp is. In addition to an LGP version of the Opel Adam is probably the result of production also get a hybrid version as well as a five-door version of the small car in the car market.

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