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Lamborghini related news

Caught: Audi SQ8 and RS Q8

Hair, 26. June 2018 In July, 2018 Audi launches new luxury SUV-coupe Q8. The beginning of a 286-horsepower TDI. A 245-HP Diesel, as well as a 340-horsepower gasoline engine will follow. In the Background...

This is the ultimate Lamborghini?

Sant'agata Bolognese (Italy), 22. June 2018 We see here the most beautiful Lamborghini of all time? When it comes to us, in any case. What is virtually in front of you, is the only one ever built, the...

China SUV looks like a Lamborghini Urus

Munich, Germany), 5. June 2018 It is not so long, because it was rubbing on the car constantly measure their eyes in amazement. At least, if it ran at the booth of a Chinese car manufacturer in the past...

Princely Lambo-Unique

Monte Carlo, 15. May 2018 You know the Lamborghini Marzal? Or you've seen him live once? If not, does nothing. The futuristic prototype from the year 1967, was always shy about public. But now there was...

This is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Goodwood (England), 10. May 2018 Without the SUV there is no longer even in the case of luxury brands. Lamborghini has the Urus, Bentley plans to the Bentayga, and even Ferrari's entry into the Segment...

Nissan Qashqai is the fastest SUV in the world

London (United Kingdom), 23. April 2018 If you have never heard of Severn Valley Motorsport, then this is not bad. The British Tuning company that focuses on the optimization of the Nissan GT-R has specialized...

This Porsche 917 has indicator!

Monte-Carlo, 20. April 2018 Who would notice in the streets of Monaco, which must have been something Special. Even with a wild winged Lamborghini or even a brand new sparkling Bugatti the half-time astonished...

Herbert Diess directs the VW group and brand

Wolfsburg, 13. April 2018 The VW Supervisory Board, has just appointed Herbert Diess as a new chief Executive officer. His previous role as head of the VW brand retains the doctorate in mechanical engineering...

So much the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk will cost

Frankfurt, 3. April 2018 The Lamborghini Urus is located at 650 HP, the Bentley Bentayga, with its W12 engine with 608 HP. Both of the tops of the 710-HP Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk locker. And another...

Crazy World Record-Straightener

Beaulieu (United Kingdom), 27. March 2018 Do You Like Tractors? Fine! Matt LeBlanc, host of the TV cult show "Top Gear", too. Four tractors Matt calls his Own. Only Problem: Really fast you are not everyone...