Porsche Panamera Diesel

The Zuffenhausen sports car manufacturer brought the Porsche Panamera Diesel in August 2011, the next version of its four-door sedan on the market. With a new or used Porsche Panamera Diesel especially fuel saver will get their costs because of the sports car is based on the adapted diesel engine from the Porsche Cayenne and is with an average consumption of 6.8 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, the most economical what the sports car maker has ever produced. The Porsche Panamera Diesel V6 turbo diesel this car tinkers with a displacement of 3.0 liters and delivers the sports car a power output of 250 hp and maximum torque of 550 Nm, which is already available at 1,750 r / min. In just 6.8 seconds, the Porsche Panamera Diesel car sprints from zero to 100, and the top speed of the vehicle combination fine of 242 km / h on the level of models from Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Already, the Zuffenhausen think about an uprated version of the Porsche Panamera diesel, the power spectrum should be at 300 hp. Everything else remains the diesel Porsche at the " old". The new sports car may be equipped with everything the accessories shelf hergibt only have been to dispense with the all-wheel drive.

Tech details

Year 2011
Body type Hatchback
Engine Diesel, 2967cm³, 250HP
Drive rear
Gearbox automatic
Top speed (km/h) 242
0 - 100 km/h (s)
Seats 4
Doors 5
Emissions CO2 172g/km Euro 5
Consumption (l/100km)
8.1 / 5.6 / 6.5
Dimensions (mm)
4970 / 1930 / 1420
Payload 620kg 445l
Insurance class 19 HF / 29 TK / 29 VK