Chevrolet Trax

The Chevrolet Trax is a small SUV that is built as a sister model, based on the new Opel Mokka. To the Paris Motor Show 2012, the new Chevrolet Trax was introduced and rolled out since the spring of 2013 to the dealers. Engines and dimensions have been completely taken over by Rüsselsheimer derivative, so that General Motors produced a competition in your own home. The Chevrolet Trax find five people and sit quite comfortably on a vehicle length of just 4.30 meters. To drive the new Chevrolet Trax provide three engines, one diesel and two petrol. In the basic model of the Chevrolet Trax, a 1.6 - liter four-cylinder gasoline engine provides his work. The naturally aspirated engine delivers 115 hp and accelerates the Chevrolet Trax at a top speed of 175 km / h Provides more power the top model of the Chevrolet Trax car by a 1.4 - liter four-cylinder turbo is working with support. Here, this SUV makes 140 hp and up to 195 km / h. For bargain hunters, the Chevrolet Trax is an alternative with a turbo diesel. The bought-Opel 1.7 CDTI engine produces 130 horsepower and brings the Chevrolet Trax to 180 km / h top. All versions of the Chevrolet Trax can be ordered with 4x4 wheel drive as a new car and for the diesel engine, an optional 6-speed automatic is available.