Chevrolet Orlando

The Chevrolet Orlando is a van for families in the SUV - Optics builds on the Opel Astra and makes available through its design, much more interior space. Thus, the manufacturer of a competitor Skoda Roomster, Ford C-Max and the Toyota Avensis in order to revive the market of the family van for themselves. The interior is mainly characterized by the 7 seats all offer generous space for passengers in the Chevrolet Orlando. Motor end, the Chevrolet Orlando is available with four engines as a new car : the side since the fall of 2012 built 1.4-liter gasoline engine with 140 hp, the 1.8 - liter gasoline engine with 141 hp initially remains in the program. Furthermore, the Chevrolet Orlando offers with a 2.0 - liter diesel, which can be ordered in two stages with 131 and 163 hp. With the new base gasoline Van received a small facelift, which can be tracked via optical retouching and modernization of the interior. The Chevrolet Orlando is to animate next to the market in Europe, the American car buyers to purchase the small van, as the Chevrolet Orlando makes especially with good fuel economy impression that reaches from the interaction of recuperation and start-stop system (standard since 2012) are. Likewise, an upscale amenities of the Chevrolet Orlando is standard : In addition to air conditioning and panoramic roof also an MP3 stereo system in this van is already installed in series. Safety equipment such as ESP, ABS, and up to eight airbags include the Chevrolet Orlando the standard.