Opel Omega

1986 presented the Rüsselsheim automaker Opel Omega with the successor to the highly successful Opel Rekord E. The Opel Omega was able to continue the success of its predecessor and quickly developed into an often seen vehicles on Germany's roads. Opel Omega produced the four-door notchback sedan and a five-door station wagon. The vehicle of the upper middle class has been produced in two generations: 1986 to 1994 as the Opel Omega A with a facelift in 1990 and from 1994 to 2003 Opel Omega B with a facelift in 1999. Opel Omega offered in the second generation of a total of seven petrol and four diesel models. Strongest version of the popular sedan was the Opel Omega 3.2i with 218 hp and an automatic transmission. An Omega combines reliability and security, which is why this car is in great demand as a used car today. Spare parts for the Opel Omega are easy to find in specialist workshops.