VW Touran BlueMotion

With Volkswagen Touran BlueMotion offer the Wolfsburg-based automaker claims to be the most fuel-efficient seven-seater ever. Trimmed by improved aerodynamics, lowering the sports chassis by 15 millimeters and reduction of the air inlet grille on a sustainable fuel savings, should be content per 100 kilometers of the 105-hp VW Touran BlueMotion with a 5.4 liter diesel. Thus, the Touran consumption is again lower than the Touran 0.6 liter diesel in the basic version with the 1.9-liter Touran TDI engine. The CO2 emissions of the Touran BlueMotion thus been reduced to 144 g / km. Low rolling resistance tires with less rolling resistance and technical changes to the engine and transmission of the Touran supplement as already in the Gulf - or Passat BlueMotion 's comprehensive savings package. Specific recommendations by switching the multi-function display will also lead to a more fuel-efficient driving style. Despite low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions, the Touran driver must also do without the BlueMotion Volkswagen's typical agility : The optimized aerodynamics, the speed of savings Touran increases by three to 182 km / h Available in the BlueMotion version is including as Touran Highline and Touran as well as a special model United. The necessary propulsion provides a manual six-speed gearbox, the surcharge BlueMotion minivan is equipped with the new seven-speed DSG dual-manual.