In the model policy from BMW, it was only a matter of time before the BMW has seen 1er an SUV in the VW Golf class, for fans of the brand to the propeller, almost demanding SUV with small dimensions and healthy consumption / and performance, coupled with the absolute driving pleasure in a BMW promises the new cars. The BMW X1, the Bavarians go to this trend and create a strong competitor for the Ford Kuga and Audi Q3. 4.46 With the compact SUV is only 3 cm larger than the VW Tiguan and created by design, the BMW 3 Series. The special "driving pleasure " to be possible with eight engines since the year 2011: In the base model, the choice between a BMW X1 sDrive18i with 150 horsepower and rear-wheel drive and the BMW sDrive16d with diesel engine and 116 hp. The xDrive18d diesel models, sDrive20d, xDrive23d and xDrive25i petrol and the new BMW X1 xDrive28i, which will act as the new top model with 245 hp, and improved Twin Power Turbo technology verkonsumieren only 9.4 l/100 km on average. The summer of 2011 advanced the BMW X1 with two efficient engines : In addition to the sDrive20d with 163 hp (consumption 4.5 liters per 100 km), the BMW X1 can now work with the sDrive20i with 184 hp (consumption 7.1 litres/100km) equipped are. In summer 2012, then the BMW X1 car received a facelift : New headlight with LED light rings, further flared wheel arches and turn signals in the mirrors show the outward changes. Also the interior was redesigned in the same train and now looks even more homogeneous. Furthermore, it was admitted as a new Topdiesel with 218 hp and a consumption of 5.9 liters, the BMW xDrive25d into the model program. By the good sales of many small SUV BMW X1 Used cars in the auto market of this website available.

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Review by andrew ll.

Moved to the Camry. Immediately felt the difference. First, even regretted the money spent, but gradually got used to and realized that in fact a very good machine. The stiff suspension and four-wheel drive very harmoniously. Cast a spell -wheel drive on the next day: A lot of snow and I easily drove into the yard and left. great review, even long hood does not strain in the absence of PDC. Rear review as all crossovers, but help PDC sensors. wheels with tires picked up immediately in the cabin - it's OK too. to this machine went to the Japanese (Qashqai, Rafik, Cymru) and not immediately understood with paddle shifters, but that the specifics of the Germans and now used. BMW Professional music is okay too, but it does not changer, although mp3. again I will say that four-wheel drive is a great thing. bit annoying baggage door shut, but I will soon figure it out. Optics normal, especially the back. Better than the Camry. economical engine to 110 km/h shows 5 - 6L. Generally believed that I was right with the machine. so far no squeaks in the cabin can not hear.

2014-05-05 10:31:44
Review by gregorio

Recently, were only Germans: VWs, Skoda, Opel.

X 1 bought my wife. Car impressed. were 1.4 and 2,0 tsi From vw, but after they are in the rearview mirror, there is something which compliments the brand, there is not a prestige, and to the car, the engineers. I am writing this: BMW is the handling and speed and course turns. This existential German cars. Mixed fuel -7, 4. Of course, if a major change from the auto bit uncomfortable, but filming ranflet and here it is the very unity of the machine. Excitement behind the wheel - that's probably the main characteristic of this car.

2014-05-05 10:35:23
Review by serge rudakovsky

When in 2008 we decided to buy a separate car for wife, making the rounds of all the shops, the traditional "female" marks. Japanese not "no driving", the French "poorly managed" etc.
Got to the "German trio." And then in one salon BMW diesel saw machine, exactly in exactly how the advertising poster "adrenaline": red coupe on the red skin ... In this machine, so far, love the whole family ...
6 and a half years of operation, including winter, and 100,000 mileage only changed brake pads and discs, as well as consumables and butter on THAT dealer. Battery still stands native, which amazed many, not only we, but servismeny.
In my lifetime since 1980 I have changed a lot of cars do not remember them all. In the winter, we with my wife swapped cars: she got Audi with Thorsen and I - BMW X1. However, winter riding on it is a particular pleasure.
BMW particularly good at classical small cars whose power density, concentration of the chassis and body, and as a result of a reference to an unrivaled level of manageability.
Including for himself, in his old age, buy 225d. I think it will be one of the latest models of this kind, which will worthy to modern automotive industry.

2014-07-10 12:37:38

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