VW Golf blue-e-motion

The VW Golf blue-e-motion is the flagship of the Wolfsburg Group in terms of environmental protection and to move with zero pollutant emissions on the roads. The VW Golf blue-e-motion is based on the 6 Version of the bestseller is, however, for the first time powered solely by an electric motor. Many modifications allowed the VW Golf blue-e-motion experience, particularly optimize the empty weight of the compact car. For propelling the sedan a 115-hp electric motor quietest border, which is powered by lithium - ion batteries from the vehicle floor / trunk and make provides 26.5 kWh. Volkswagen promises the VW Golf blue-e-motion has a range of over 150 kilometers, which is enough for city traffic. With a torque of 270 Nm, the electric drive accelerates the car to a top speed of 140 km / h Of optics, the VW Golf blue-e-motion car is not much different from his brothers with internal combustion engines, only the boot capacity decreased from 350 to 273 liters, because at this point accumulators are installed. Points to the VW Golf blue-e-motion against Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Citroen C-Zero and Renault Twizy especially with a better offer space for up to 5 occupants.