VW Golf Coupe

At the Detroit Auto Show 2010, the new VW Golf Coupe under the symbol NCC was presented for " New Compact Coupe " and caused huge stir in the auto world. The elegant coupe from Wolfsburg examined in addition to competition within the Group, with the VW Passat and the Audi A5 Sportback, the direct comparison with the BMW 3 Series and 1 Series class from Bavaria. In particular, the efficiency of the VW Golf Coupe is likely to be an incentive for many motorists to buy a new car from Volkswagen, the VW Golf Coupe still comes as a hybrid of the band. The 177-hp hybrid gasoline engine produces in this configuration, an average consumption of 4.2 liters of premium gasoline, which, given the performance of the VW Golf Coupe is a very good value, as well as the CO2 Außstoss of 98 g / km. The hybrid is powered by a 150 PS TSI petrol engine with 1.4 - liter engine and a 27 bhp electric motor end. The performance figures sound impressive, for the sprint to 100, the VW Golf Coupe needs just 8.6 seconds to the end of the flagpole at a top speed of 227 km / h For the savings effects in the VW Golf Coupe comes in addition to the recuperation also a start-stop system used, which make the amazing fuel consumption possible.