Ferrari F70

With the Ferrari F70 is since 2013 a new and directly derived from Formula 1 sports car on Europe 's roads, the teaches as a hybrid vehicle with tremendous power Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz to fear. From the official car of Fernando Alonso KERS hybrid system has been derived directly for the Ferrari F70, which will save about 40 % fuel than a conventional gasoline engine from Maranello in this way. Thus, the electric drive of a button, the potential of the twelve-cylinder engine in the Ferrari F70 car further potentiate. However, the 6.3-liter engine has been alone on a power of 800 hp. A member of the new sports car gallops so in less than three seconds on Highway level, which is highly supported by the lightweight construction - the Ferrari F70 weighs just under 1.5 tonnes as much as a average equipped VW Golf 7th Who are the Ferrari F70 properly, the spores reach the top speed of as much as 340 km / h pretty quickly, but it requires here after a very free way.