VW Golf Variant 1.9 TDI

Only after the fifth generation Golf was on the market for several years, Volkswagen decided to give in to the urge of many customers and the golf range with a wagon version as the VW Golf Variant 1.9 TDI to expand. Classic combination offered - Since 2007, this - huge for its class. The 105-hp 1.9-liter TDI engine is standard only sold with particle filters. The fuel consumption is according to factory specifications about 5.2 liters per 100 km, which is the VW Golf Variant 1.9 TDI, which is available in the top equipment with an impressive panoramic glass roof and the 4Motion all-wheel drive, up to 800 km without refueling and more can be moved. The performance figures are remarkable with 11.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h with a top speed of 187 km / h for a middle-class estate, which can easily stow a euro - pallet, absolutely. The 105-horsepower diesel costs in the base equipment 21,565 euros and has established itself as the best-selling engine variant. Equipped with this engine, the Volkswagen Golf Variant 1.9 TDI is perfect to slip in the speed range between 2000 and 3000 tours at 120 to 160 km / h on the highway. Search this giant cluster in the compact class ? Whether as a first or second-hand car, at this website you are guaranteed to find your favorite model of the VW Golf Variant