VW Golf 1.2 TSI

The target set for the construction of low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles, the Wolfsburg come with the VW Golf 1.2 TSI, the 1.2 TSI, together with the VW Polo, the most fuel-efficient gasoline-powered models of the series. Even before the VW up! seen the light of the world, making the designers from Volkswagen as their homework in terms of fuel-efficient vehicles. Not be noted in the VW Golf 1.2 TSI saving effect from the mid-size sedan. No wonder, because despite the minimization of capacity and consumption has the "small" four-cylinder engine has a turbocharger, which brings the Volkswagen Golf 1.2 TSI 105 hp and the Gulf in accordance with a good engine. With a maximum torque of 175 Nm, which is available from 1,500 r / min so 190 km / h in saving golf are possible and pace reached 100 in 10.6 seconds. Here, the VW Golf 1.2 TSI occurs not as a boozer, but he consumes on average just 5.7 liters of Super per 100 km. The EURO 5 standard is achieved by the low CO2 emissions of 134 g / km. The newly designed engine is available next to the insert in the VW Golf 1.2 TSI in the VW Polo and the VW Golf Plus.

Technical details

VW Golf 1.2 TSI photos