VW Golf 2 GTI

For the young and young at heart motorists, the VW Golf 2 GTI was a "must have " in its production time, lasted from 1984 until 1991. The small compact car was the successor to the Golf 1 GTI with the same engine of 112 hp in 1984 to market and was able to build a new car directly to the success of its predecessor. As part of the facelift of the VW Golf 2 GTI, the engine has been optimized so that from 1996 the most powerful engine with 136 hp was sold in 1.6-16V. Thus, the compact car was up to 208 km / h and required only 9 seconds for the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h In his class, he was only the Opel Astra GSi with 150 hp, easily outstripping the Ford Escort RS Turbo with 132 hp and the Japanese Honda CRX with 130 hp. From 1987, the VW Golf 2 GTI was also available with a regulated three-way catalytic converter, which minimized the engine power to 129 hp.