VW Golf Plus 1.2 TSI

Compact family vans are still coveted automobiles and Volkswagen now continues its classic as VW Golf Plus 1.2 TSI with a fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicle scene. Located in the Golf Plus is the class with Renault Scenic and Chevrolet Matiz and has the new TSI engine is now also a version that is designed for thrift. The 1.2 - liter turbocharged four-cylinder is already used in the VW Golf and Polo and developed despite the small displacement impressive 105 hp. Thanks to the compressed breathing it brings the Volkswagen Golf Plus 1.2 TSI to a torque of 175 Nm, which is present already at 1,500 r / min. The 195 km / h top speed is reached in the family van pretty quickly, a perceptible turbo lag can not be determined. Through de use of aluminum in the construction of the engine weight could be saved and friction losses are minimized. As a result, the average consumption of the VW Golf Plus 1.2 TSI with only 5.3 liters per 100 km for new cars and a CO2 output of 126 g / km. Equipped is the Volkswagen Golf Plus 1.2 TSI with a six-speed manual or can be ordered with optional 7-speed DSG.