VW Golf 4 TDI

The VW Golf 4 TDI was first introduced to the public in 1997 as part of the Golf IV series and was initially delivered with a 1.9 - liter diesel engine with 90 hp. From the start of production of the VW Golf 4 TDI was able to generate good sales as a new car. This resulted from the powerful diesel engine with distributor injection pump, which produced a minimum average fuel consumption of 4.8 liters of diesel despite good performance. In another variant of the engine made ​​in the VW Golf 4 TDI 110 hp. With the appearance of the pump-nozzle technology in the VW Golf 4 TDI diesel engine could be ordered in four different power : We kicked off the Opel Astra competitor with a 101-hp engine, which of the variants with 115 - 150 HP was still outflanked. In particular, the VW Golf 4 TDI with 150 PS yielded a top speed of 216 km / h which was a very good value for a diesel in this class. A facelift for 1999, the VW Golf 4 TDI was delivered already in series with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and 4 airbags, from 2002 2 head airbags were standard equipment for the model upgrade.