Ford Fusion Plus

With the presented in February 2003 Ford Fusion Plus Ford unveiled at the Geneva Auto Salon 2003, an additional variant of the Ford Fusion. The Ford Fusion Plus features many innovative amenities, including an aerodynamic package with front, side and rear aprons as well as alloy wheels and tinted rear side windows and rear window, and air conditioning. In addition, the Ford Fusion Plus has a 10.7 liter multifunction for the rear passengers. The developers of the Ford Fusion Plus have deliberately asked children what they want consumer electronics in the rear. The result includes the optional, installed in the roof and consisting of DVD, CD and MP3 player entertainment package. Two infrared-guided headphone allow the passengers of the Ford Fusion Plus in the backseat individual listening pleasure without any clutter. Additional jacks also allow you to connect wired headphones. Special interfaces allow the Ford Fusion Plus to connect to the on-board DVD system available on the market almost every type of game console, VCR, or camcorder. Looking for a car ? In this website you can find cheap used cars and new cars of all brands.