VW Golf 1.4 TSI GT Sport

Among all the available versions of the December 2005 Volkswagen Golf GT Sport VW Golf 1.4 TSI GT Sport is still the top model. The equipment package of the Golf GT Sport include a redesigned front and rear fascias and a sports suspension with size 225 wide tires on 17-inch alloy wheels, which blends perfectly with the agile 1.4 TSI engine. The standard features added fog lights, tinted rear side and rear windows and an electric sun roof. In the interior of the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI GT Sport determine sport seats, a leather package (three-spoke leather steering wheel, gear knob, handbrake lever in leather) and the air conditioning "Climatronic " and a multi-function display the sporty and dynamic impression of the 220 ​​km / h fast and with a standard acceleration of 7.2 seconds sprint extremely strong Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI GT Sport. Is responsible for the development of power the supercharged by a compressor 1.4 TSI twin charger turbo engine that delivers up to 170 hp with maximum torque of 240 Nm. If you want are interested in this " wolf in sheep's clothing" closer and buy this car, you will find this website offers many of the current Volkswagen Golf 1

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bryan 2014-02-05

Hi all motorists! Decided to write a review about your next car VW GOLF- 6 1.4 tsi. To date, mileage 12000. I will try to summarize their experience of exploitation, so those who are interested in this car, maybe my review will be useful. Previous car was also golf, only the fifth, which was fine with me completely until a temptation to take the sixth. In considering the process of buying new Tiguan, but take Minimal as it is not risked, think about the future, and golf at the time. Inside stood for 860 black highline with LED lights, for which I did not want to overpay, which in return would add better than other options. The site was determined with the configuration and made ​​the order: 1.4 tsi, white, highline, factory tint, cruise, light and charts, mechanics, tire pressure sensors, without radio. Waited exactly two and a half months. And now I'm driving a car brand new. In the showroom I was pleased with making a decent discount as a regular customer who buys cars for cash. Options highline pleasantly pleasing to my eye, everything is thought out and made ​​with high quality: comfortable seats in alcantara, high-quality leather steering wheel, lumbar supports, legs lights, rear armrest. Lever inside the fuel tank not open it by clicking on the hatch itself, instead of timing belt in this engine worth chain. Of the minuses can be noted bright finish upper compartment with racks that stains on car washes, as well as elements of the floor that are not covered by rugs and passengers often stain their feet. Body design feel worthy - rigorous style of German cars, which do not get bored. In Action confident road holding, cornering foglights illuminate, light enough staff at the speed of sound can be heard rubber, but it's information about the road surface. I remember a little doubtful about the operation of the engine in cold weather, so I will try to describe their experiences. Starts with no problems on previous golf still convinced of the reliability of cold starts to -40 night without warm-ups , the main factory directly key (with remote control can fill). Without the night, because the catalyst is not gud. Secondly really speed immediately drops to about 800-900, at the expense of such behavior for longer engine warms up at idle, that confuses many , but nevertheless still basking. For example at minus 30-35 on the street, the car steadily gaining motor temperature of 90 degrees for 30 minutes off the climate, then everything is as usual, turn on the climate movement and start a couple of kilometers inside the absolute comfort, I was satisfied with this option. Toyota recall warmed faster due to increased idle speed, but it is blown out of the heat as well, here, on the contrary, if the car is warmed up, the engine and interior and stay warm for a long time. By the way, this situation may have been due to different standard insulation. (Compare with the Toyota Corona Premio 1.8). On previous cars engine 1,6 BSE too reluctant gaining temperature at idle, but problems with the cold is not experienced and do not know about it until sometime not read. Drew attention in Highline battery wrapped in thermo - case and hood equipped with soundproofing. Consumption of gasoline in the winter in about 10 liters on the highway went to E-burg , with the active driving style consumption was 7.5 liters ie heaping under 180 seats. According to the testimony of the computer I got 1200 miles in 14 hours, the average speed of about 85 km. flow 7.5. The car accelerates, the engine is almost inaudible, because the speed is not very big. Generally pleased engine . If the choice of cars I saw an old proven engine 1.6, but now I have no doubt the modern 1.4 tsi. Someone wrote that the turbo engine to turn turbines allegedly behaves like aspirated 1.4, I specifically compared, and realized at once that the engines are completely different. In the heat of the climate safely distributes cold in the cabin and not straining the engine as 1.6. Box at the last moment decided to take mechanical, IMHO robot DSG not impressed. General impression of the sixth golf - convenient, fast, economical, roomy, reliable, with a good informative of all controls, as well as a winning appearance compared with other models in this class, so I think that the car's price quite.

want_new_car! 2014-02-16

Long time I wanted to write about my Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI (2012's). I bought it new and passed at the moment is about 8000 miles. On the 2nd thousand appeared metallic clang in the turbine. Two months I waiting for guarantees washer, its replaced. A week I drove without the sound and everything after it is back again. At the stations told to do nothing more can plant did not know how to solve this problem.

Tested some times with the mechanics at the twitch of DSG. Droven 80 miles zeroed computer two days normally and twitches again. Told to change anything under warranty will not be until it breaks, although the fact of twitches recorded.

Rear suspension all booming. Mechanics said they know the problem and the plant knows, but again nothing will change until it breaks.

An interesting feature of the board computer. I go around the city, the expense of the computer does not rise more than 8-liters per 100 miles but I fill refueling always at least 50 liters tank (I fill always full) and passes on this tank car a maximum of 500 miles. It turns out - at least 10 liters of fuel per 100 miles! Here is a mythical economy.

Increasingly dissatisfied with this machine! And I want to sell it. I didn't expect that the new machine can be with such defects and what will happen next? There is a great desire to sell and forget!

Even driving pleasure does not smooth all the disadvantages of the reliability of this machine!