VW E-Golf

Besides the Volkswagen E-Up, the Volkswagen Group will also enrich the middle class with an electric car and sends based on its most important model, the VW e-Golf on European roads around in the car powered purely by electricity segment the ground not zuverlieren. In addition to the Volvo C30 PEV, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Peugeot iOn, the Wolfsburg-based automaker will electrify the most successful model and shine especially in city traffic with the VW e-Golf with zero emissions, and in particular for a competitor to Renault Fluence ZE electric legs provide. The Group pays particular attention to the design of the Volkswagen E - Golf on the power cells for the sedan. The Japanese companies Sanyo and Toshiba provide quality yet inexpensive lithium - ion batteries for electric golf. Thus is the VW Golf E cars beyond the reach of his competitors many times and still be an " electric car for all ". In the next step, the Wolfsburg also want to bring the E - Jetta as a hatchback on the market to be able to handle a wide field for buyers of electric cars. If you 're thinking to want to buy an electric car, you will find different vehicles for operation by electrical outlet in this website as a used or new vehicle, for example,