The BMW X3, a five-door SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), was first presented in 2003 at the IAA in Frankfurt. The model was developed as a small version of the X5, which has been running since 2000 and the first from the band produced by BMW SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) represents. The first generation of the BMW X3 exclusively manufactured by Magna Steyr in Austria in 2006 received a facelift to compete with the Volkswagen Tiguan, Audi Q5 and the Ford Kuga and visually keep up. Since the spring of 2011, the 2nd generation of the SUV is available. Compared to its predecessor, the BMW X3 was up a few inches in size and is based on the design of the new BMW 3 Series. A total of six engine options to choose from for the BMW X3. Among the four petrol engines of the BMW X3 xDrive35i in particular stands out as a top model. The six-cylinder carried by the SAV its 306 hp in just 6.2 seconds, 100 km / h and reaches a limited top speed of 250 km / h All BMW X3 is available with a manual six-speed gearbox as well as with five-speed automatic. Since late summer 2012, the BMW X3 sdrive18d is the new base model with rear-wheel drive: the 4-cylinder engine produces 143 hp, it brings to 195 km / h, consumes just 6.4 liters of diesel. Topdiesel is the X3 XDrive35d that makes a whopping 313 hp and six cylinders per 100 kilometers, just 6.1 liters of diesel consumed on average. As a special feature, the BMW X3 has (up to sDrive20d)'s intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive system, which is also present in the BMW X5. This wheel-drive system will set new standards in terms of agility-wheel drive vehicles. xDrive in the BMW X3 allows stepless and fully variable distribution of drive forces between the front and rear axle. The system immediately recognizes when a change in the force distribution in the BMW X3 is necessary and reacts in an extremely short time, the on-road operation usually even before any liability demolition of a wheel. This can lead xDrive at any time the optimal driving force to the respective axle for example when driving through a dynamic curve and minimizes the BMW X3 so clearly the under-and oversteer.

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rodge 2014-05-05

Good day, dear motorists! This is my third X3. Before this went on the previous generation (3L gasoline and diesel). The new BMW X3 has become larger, more interesting in appearance, elegant, better in the materials.
What can I say - it's a BMW to the bone (ride on cars of this brand over 15 years). Excellent handling, agility and dynamics. In this high clearance, four-wheel drive, easy year-round operation.
You can ride in any weather conditions and modes. Car always feels confident, clear and predictable. Of course, the third series of controlled hot, but not significantly. Pros crossover negate this little "flaw".
In operation, too, there is no problem.
Of course, I would recommend a 3- liter engine. It is clear that a tax rate increase, etc. But the car goes much more interesting.
If changed, the only "Macan" but it's still more money.
Thank you.

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