Ford Excursion

The Ford Excursion is a large SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), which can be ordered with rear-wheel drive (2x4) or four-wheel drive (4x4). The car is equipped with three engines - two petrol and one diesel - available. The smallest petrol engine in the Ford Excursion is an eight-cylinder with 5.4 liters, which makes 255 hp. In the V10 engine ranking with 6.8 liter displacement and 310 hp. The V8 diesel engine of the Ford Excursion is very unusual for an American car, with 325 hp and a torque of over 750 Nm, the top engine. Only the diesel is equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission, the gasoline engine combined with a four-speed automatic transmission. In the limited version of the Ford Excursion (the highest of the four trim levels) is all standard equipment of the automatic air conditioning on a sound system with CD changer to the alloy wheels, which are of a luxuri ; can expect sen SUV. Such as can be found and used car of the year cheap at this website.