Ford Thunderbird Neiman Marcus

First introduced in 2001 Ford Thunderbird is powered by a 3.9-liter V-8 engine with automatic transmission. A car so emotional also earned a special model in limited numbers - the Ford Thunderbird Neiman Marcus. Without a doubt this, limited to 200 copies of the special edition Ford Thunderbird will become a collector's item. It is available only by ordering from the famous " Christmas Book," the exclusive purchase and shipping Neiman Marcus. As the porthole windows and the air scoop on the hood also has the record of the Ford Thunderbird in the catalog a model in the past. 1970 Thunderbird was in fact already in the catalog of Neiman Marcus to see. At that time, customers could order the 71er Neiman Marcus Ford Thunderbirds. The Neiman Marcus special edition of the Ford Thunderbird is equipped with several unique design elements that distinguish it from other Thunderbirds. Most obvious is the polished black body with removable silver metallic roof that is intended to give the convertible a particularly impressive elegance. A highlight of the removable roof are the ones in the glass of the porthole window, engraved Thunderbird insignia. Chrome wheels and chrome A-pillar accents, as well as the chrome surround of the air scoop on the hood of the Ford Thunderbird. Find in this website exclusive convertibles as a new vehicle or used car.