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Since 2004 CITROEN C4, which is offered as a three-door coupe and five-door hatchback sedan provides for fresh air into the compact class. The current 3rd generation was launched in 2013 as a new car on the market and is now the Volkswagen Golf VII, Opel Astra and Ford Focus offer a strengthened adversary. Both the five-door model as for the CITROEN C4 Coupe three different diesel and gasoline engines are also available and a hybrid car is now available. The base engine in the petrol marked the CITROEN C4 1.4 16V with an output of 95 hp. The most powerful engine offers the CITROEN C4 2.0 16V 156hp, which consumes on average 7.6 liters of fuel per 100 km (manufacturer's data). The diesel vehicles CITROEN C4 HDI 90 forms the base variant. It consumes on average 4.2 liters of diesel per 100 km. The most powerful CITROEN C4 HDI 150 hp requires an average of 4.7 liters of diesel per 100 km. Thanks to a torque of 320 Nm, it has a top speed of 213 km / h and accelerates in 10.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h The CITROEN C4 diesel is equipped with a particulate filter and can be just like the gasoline purchased depending on the size of the engine with a manual 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. As befits a typical CITROEN, the C4 is very innovative not only in the outer shape: So the compact car has, among other things, a lane assistant, which recognizes the accidental crossing of the boundary lines and a system name " eToch " the emergency call function a with localization of the car offers. In addition, static cornering lights, bi-xenon headlights and parking assist for convenience and security.

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Andry Ll. 2014-02-27

On the whole machine for 3.5 years did not cause any particular complaints. Bought from an authorized dealer service - quite reasonably, is neither good nor bad. The main fear was for the machine - for the time there were no problems, the departure of 62,000 km - jerks was not error not issued. Many write that box bluntness - completely agree, in fact slooow. At 6000 km the error appears: Eng man system faulty - replaced under warranty for a relay in the radiator. 20,000 km replace the rear stabilizer. Generally on inspection: every 20,000 km, I did, about every 18,000. In general I can say that the car worth the money, trust in 3.5, I have not learned it (do not know why), but by and large, has never failed. However, I think that the second Citroen buy - big loss on the sale.
The main plus for me - a big trunk, baby stroller with big wheels breaks without problems. 4 -wheel 16th radii - plus too.

Titan (Citroen C4 1.6 МТ 2012's) 2014-03-03

Hello auto's owners. I has choosen car based on price, beauty and gaboritov inside cars (my height 198 cm). Firstly, I wanted to take Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback but disappointed salon. Ford was not approached by price. Toyota Carolla is great on the outside but inside a small.. Nissan. I don't like Nissan's models. Kia's cars are small. New Sportage. VW is too expensive.
And finally we (my wife and me) look Citroen C4. It was upr car.
1) inside the car in a place like in truck.
2) normal car's price, mode Tendens cost me in November 2012 .. about 20 thousands
3) comfort is excellent!
Plus! winter tires to the car FREE.

no-name (Citroen C4 1.6 AT ) 2014-04-29

Bought for my wife but the fuse on the car. I liked everything. If once rode a Citroen 4 another is not necessary. Do not believe that the French car bad try it yourself and you will realize that the car is good to all. For my family of four all fit enough room for everyone and long journeys and around the city.

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