Ford Probe

The sports coupe Ford Probe, which was built between 1989 and 1997, was a joint production of the Ford Motor Company and Mazda. It is based on the technology of the former Mazda MX-sixth The Ford Probe was originally not intended for the European car market, however, was to meet the demand for coupes in Europe, but then exported. Initially offered only in the 147-PS version Ford Probe GT 2.2 Turbo in Germany, a version of the Ford was in 1994 with the ECP model brought sample to the German market, which is now equivalent to the European expectations. As a Ford engine variants offered the sample models with 115 hp and 2.0 16V 2.5 24V sample to strong with 165 hp six-cylinder engine. In this variant, the Ford accelerated sample in 8.0 seconds to 100 km / hr and reached a top speed of 220 km / h Interest in a low coupe ? Whether as a new vehicle, year or Used in this web site remain open no auto-wishes.