Ford Thunderbird

Ford had the order books for the 2002s Ford Thunderbird officially on Monday the 8th January 2001, opened the day on which the regular production model was first presented to the public at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. As most strikingly styled roadster, the rear wheels are driven by a V-8 engine to the Ford Thunderbird convey boldness, confidence and a feeling of freedom - and that is a modern throwback to a Earlier, likewise optimistic era America. The design of the Ford Thunderbird embodied in a formal language, although it has obvious connections to the classics of the past, but this interpretation consciously modern. As standard the Ford Thunderbird is offered as a convertible. As an option, there is a removable hardtop roof, in the classic porthole windows were incorporated. The removable hard top weighs only 40 kg and should therefore be easy to handle. With a wheelbase of 272.4 inches and its 3.9 - liter V-8 engine with rear-wheel drive this roadster is a class apart. Careful tuning of the handling and driving behavior as well as structural braces on the lower floor which gives the chassis of the Ford Thunderbird increased stiffness should provide a good driving dynamics. Find in this site cheap convertibles as a new vehicle or used car.