Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a sports utility vehicle, or SUV short, the American manufacturer Ford Motor Company. Since 1990, the SUV is offered including a Ford Explorer pickup in the American market in several variants. Three years later, also Ford Explorer friends in Germany were able to enjoy the SUV. The second generation of Ford Explorer launched in 1995 in the form of a technically modified and immediately became a best seller in Europe. A more rounded design, a completely new interior, more comfort and a modern four-wheel drive were just some of the components renewed. A new Ford Explorer engine was presented two years later : Available now was next to the base model with a 156 hp six-cylinder Ford Explorer 4.0, the per cylinder head made ​​whole 205 hp with additional camshaft. Another novelty was the Ford Explorer automatic transmission with five gears. 2001 Ford ended the SUV export to Europe, so that in this country you could only buy a Ford Explorer used cars. In the United States, however, the now fifth generation is now sold and therefore it is also possible new Ford Explorer parts, such as a Ford Explorer Transmission to order. The current Ford Explorer car looks suspiciously similar to the Range Rover Evoque, however, is significantly larger with a total length of about 5 meters. Also new is the downsizing principle in the United States - the base engine of the Ford Explorer in the 2010 model is powered by a four-cylinder engine ! provided with only 2.0 liters of displacement, which is produced in Portugal and 237 hp. Search for your SUV as Used in this website.