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Volvo related news

This is the all-new Volvo S60

Charleston (USA), 21. June 2018 In the case of Volvo, it runs. The renewal of our model range continues with the unfamiliar Speed. And the success shows that the right direction. The latest temptation...

Volvo S90L Excellence

Cologne, 19. June 2018 More length and more luxury: This simple formula follows for the Volvo S90L Excellence. He is twelve inches longer than the S90 and measures in order to 5.08 metres – that's about...

This is the new BMW 8er

Munich, 15. June 2018 Now he is finally here. Really. In its full glory. He will look, if you can buy it from November 2018 to the dealer. Felt pictures of 8 studies, 8-commissioning testing of a prototype...

Volvo buried the Diesel

Cologne, 16. May 2018 Where is the Diesel? For Volvo, the response of the track is the Parking. On the part of Sweden to be offered from 2019 all newly launched models only with gasoline engine, as a Plug...

Volvo S90 Ambience Concept

Cologne/Beijing, 23. April 2018 A luxurious long-wheelbase version of the S90 is one of the exhibits from Volvo at the Auto China in Beijing (29. April to 4. May 2018). At its core, the idea of the "S90...

A new study by Giugiaro in Geneva

Montcalieri (Italy), 27. February 2018 Giugiaro presented at the Geneva auto salon 2018 (8. to 18. March) a new vehicle is study. You should combine elements of SUVs, luxury sedans and sports cars. With...

The new Volvo V60 comes

Cologne, 22. February 2018 The Volvo V60 was introduced in the fall of 2010. Eight years (and a model of care in 2013) later, it is now time for Generation two of the middle-class station wagons. SPA as...

Volvo XC40: market launch with five engines

Cologne, 19. February 2018 Volvo other engines for the on 10. March 2018 start XC40. The of 4.43 metres long, the BMW X1 competitor is with three turbo petrol engines and two diesels available. Already...

E-vans on the Basis of the London-Taxis

Hair, 19. February 2018 The electric delivery vans of the Post is a true racer. Of the "street scooter", the Deutsche Post of its subsidiary company streetscooter produce are already several Thousand units...

This is the new Subaru Ascent

Los Angeles (USA), 29. November 2017 Tribeca. It rings a bell with you? If Yes, then you can remember, apparently, to the great and not just successful SUV from Subaru, it was in this country from 2006...