Volvo S80

Despite major competition from the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the Volvo S80 sedan defended for more than 10 years, its market share in the upper middle class segment. The current Volvo S80 rolls since 2013 with a first facelift to the dealers, the dynamic effect of a new front and a new interior (plus multimedia technology) is now on current status. The innovative safety technologies of the Volvo S80 (including active speed and distance control system, pedestrian airbag) encourage people to buy a Volvo S80 cars. When the gasoline versions of the big five Volvo models are offered: the base models of the Volvo S80 driven by in-line four cylinder, petrol engine with 145 and since 2013, a new diesel engine with 115 hp and 4.2 liter fuel consumption. In the medium power range, the Volvo S80 3.2, an in-line six cylinder moves with 238 hp and six-speed automatic transmission. As top version of the Volvo S80 V8 AWD is available from here lies the Volvo XC90 SUV - known and permanent all-wheel drive combined with a 4.4-liter V8 engine with 315 hp under the hood. In addition, the Volvo S80 is also known as Diesel (eg Volvo S80 and Volvo S80 D5 2.4 D) are available. The model range is completed by a flexi engine of the large Volvo sedan, with this up to 231 hp from its model can be operated with low-emission bio-ethanol and normal gasoline. Whether some other S80 Volvo S80 Volvo cars than LPG version will come on the market as already decided in the near future. Incidentally, the Volvo S80 offers at even a stretch limousine which was extended specifically for the Chinese market by 14 centimeters. Looking for a fully-equipped sedan with high security? In this site you can buy many Volvo cars the S80 series very cheap online.