Volvo XC40

The Volvo XC40 is an SUV from the lower middle class and builds on the new V40 model. This SUV does the Swedish carmaker in the segment of the VW Tiguan, BMW X1 or take Mazda CX5 foot and establish the smallest SUV in the Sweden. With 4.50 meters overall length, the Volvo XC40 new car is slightly larger than the competitors, but provides a good overview variable applications, whether. Than in inner cities or SUV for forestry use In addition to a front-wheel drive, the Volvo XC40 is also optionally available with all-wheel drive, to also typical Volvo away from paved roads to do his work at ease. Motor side are several petrol and diesel engines available for the SUV, whose breadth is from 140 to 300 hp. The interior of the Volvo XC40, it is too typical, the sister models controlled addition many parts of the interior. Three rows of seats can be stowed in the rear floor of the car, up to seven passengers find their place in the Volvo XC40, with full occupation of the SUV, but shrinks the size of the trunk on two briefcases.

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