Volvo S40

As was the Volvo S40 in 1995 as the successor to the Volvo 440, were for the mid-size sedan beginning two petrol and a Volvo S40 diesel version to choose from. A little later, as well as the Volvo S60 and the Volvo S40 Volvo S80 also adjusted the motors to the model range of Ford's parent company. Especially so since the 2003 Volvo S40 Facelift numerous Ford engines were added and also Volvo engines are now being built in the mid-size cars from Ford. Volvo S40 1.9 four-cylinder engine, however, one has withdrawn from the program. Its successor is the Volvo S40 2.0. As befits Volvo cars, the S40 comes with several five-cylinder gasoline engines offered of 140 to 170 hp. The Volvo S40 T5 turbo makes even supported 230 hp and is equipped as standard with a manual six-speed gearbox. Those who opt for the Volvo S40 wagon, also can draw on a AWD version with electronically controlled all-wheel drive. Also look at the diesels Volvo S40 with a long tradition: in addition to the 109-hp entry level diesel engine in the Volvo S40 1.6 d and the 136-hp volume model in the Volvo S40 2.0 D supplements since the early hjahr 2006, a third variant, the diesel drive diversity in the Volvo S40 and the Volvo V50. The 180-hp five-cylinder turbo engine in the Volvo S40 D5 shines with supreme pulling power and maximum efficiency. Both the Volvo S40 D5 and the wagon version V50 D5 are each combined with a five-speed automatic. The new 2.4-liter engine develops a maximum torque of 350 Nm and is equipped as standard with a particulate filter. Environmental aspects, we sold the Volvo S40 since 2007, with a 125-hp flexible-fuel engine that can run on bioethanol next super. You want to buy a new car? In this website you will find many well-maintained Used Volvo S40 also many brand new vehicles with premium features such as the Volvo S40 and the Volvo S40 Kinetic momentum.