Volvo V30

The Volvo V30 is a compact car than the 5-door hatchback in the segment of the VW Golf, Opel Astra and Mercedes-Benz BLK is to inspire that were found from the Swedish production vehicle. The Volvo V30 has been designed especially for the automotive market in the U.S., however, Volvo admits also good opportunities in the European market with this compact car. As a successor to the Volvo C30, the new and used Volvo V30 was first presented to the Geneva Motor Show in 2012 and has since the summer when Volvo V30 cars at dealerships. The new design, with narrow side windows and a rising beltline makes for a sporty dynamics of the Volvo V30 new car and will appeal to young drivers. For the drive is the Swedish group several units available: The petrol and diesel engines, all four cylinders, offer for buyers of the Volvo V30 new or used car, a power range 110-240 hp in the top engine with turbocharging. By 2013, the Volvo V30 is also available with hybrid drive and are subsequently available as well as an electric car.