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The 1990-built Volvo 940 models were virtually identical to the Volvo 960 models. In comparison, however, the Volvo 940 models possessed a scaled-standard equipment and were equipped only with four-cylinder engines. Unlike the 960s, however, the Volvo 940 was also available in a diesel variant. As is customary at the time in Sweden, the diesel engine was purchased by the Volkswagen Group. Also, the Volvo 940 was available in two body variants sedan and wagon, the Volvo 940 Estate represented the significantly more popular model. After a facelift in 1995, only the Volvo 940 Estate (945) was offered. The production was stopped in 1998 after over 670,000 copies of the Volvo 900 series were produced. The successor to the Volvo 940 was for the first time until today's current two-digit model designation S90 / V90 sedan and station wagon. You are looking for a bargain ? In this website you will find a huge selection of used cars at an affordable price.

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Harris 2014-01-16

My car(Volvo 940 2.0 МТ 1993) over the years has shown remarkable properties. No any claims during the entire lifetime. Condition - excellent, stain resistant, no hint of rust. Only twice had to change the rear brake pads. Over the years I replaced only the battery once. The positive properties necessarily ascribe the possibility of carrying enough dimensional things, including things in transportation to the country. Given good patency, use of the car for trips to the forest and fishing. Engine - unpretentious despite the fact that the instructions for the operation indicated the need for a gasoline with an octane rating no lower than 91, using our low-quality A-95 gasoline (octane number of motor method about 86 ), the engine continues to run without any problems.

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