Volvo V60

The available since spring 2011 Volvo V60 is to enrich the middle class to Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate, BMW 3 Series Touring, VW Passat and Audi A4 Avant and offer a practical station wagon and was April 2013 a facelift fit for the second model made ​​decade. For this purpose, the model variant of the Volvo V60 were the new Volvo owner Geely transformed into the combination, so as to close the gap in the model program of the Swedish manufacturer. Of the S60 sedan and the V60 of the Volvo safety elements were derived: In addition to ABS, ESP and SIPS is before all the Advanced Stability Control is a safety-relevant aspect of the station wagon, which can determine the vehicle breaking early and appropriate counteractive measures. Top engine of the Volvo V60 car is a three-liter petrol engine with turbocharging, which holds 304 hp and 440 Nm of torque. Including a new 2.0 - liter petrol engine GTDI (Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection) works with four cylinders and 203 hp. With the 2012 model year is a two-liter turbo with 240 hp and a 1.6-liter petrol engine in the downsizing principle, which is, with 150 or 180 hp available in two power levels for the new vehicles. As diesel is a 2.4-liter five-cylinder with twin turbochargers and 205 hp and a 2.0-liter five-cylinder with 163 hp are installed in the Volvo V60. D2 is a new diesel engine with 115 hp since 2013. Special sportsmanship promises the Volvo V60 R-Design. The combination of these features will be delivered in line with 18-inch alloy wheels, leather seats and interior, dual exhaust, and sport suspension. Also, the body was trimmed with special applications to more dynamic.